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总部位于纽约的领先建筑和设计工作室 Rockwell Group 公布了 Zaytinya 的室内设计,这是一家由米其林二星级厨师 José Andrés 指导的新餐厅。 Zaytinya 是对 José 丰富的地中海美食知识的庆祝,正宗和创新,菜单与通风的空间完美搭配。

Rockwell Group, the leading New York based architecture and design studio, has unveiled the interiors for Zaytinya, a new restaurant under the direction of two-star Michelin Chef José Andrés. Zaytinya is a celebration of José’s vast knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine, authentic and innovative, the menu pairs perfectly with the airy space.


Rockwell Group为位于纽约丽思卡尔顿酒店的 140 间餐厅设计的餐厅融合了原始地中海水域令人愉悦的青蓝色。在其他地方,温暖的青铜金属和白橡木的轻盈和中性方案与这些明亮的蓝色添加物、图案细节和特别委托的艺术品形成强烈对比。建筑饰面也主要作为中性基础,以抵消软垫长椅和酒吧中的这些纹理和图案元素。

Rockwell Group’s design for the 140-cover restaurant situated at the Ritz Carlton, New York, incorporates the blissful cyan blue colour of pristine Mediterranean waters. Elsewhere, a light and neutral scheme of warming bronze metals and white oak woods create a strong contrast against these brighter blue additions, pattern detailing and specially commissioned artwork. Architectural finishes have also been primarily kept as the neutral base to offset these elements of texture and pattern found in the upholstered banquettes and at the bar.



© Jase Varney


外露的木质天花板横梁点缀着隔音亚麻纹理面板,与地板带相对应,在整个空间中营造出韵律感。透明的蓝色渐变窗帘层层提供光线隐私,并排列着巨大的地板到天花板的临街窗户。相邻的墙壁包含大型拱形古董青铜镜和展位座位,与 Millwork 书柜上温暖的皮革细节相得益彰。

Exposed wood ceiling beams interspersed with acoustic linen-textured panels correspond to the floor bands, creating a sense of rhythm throughout the space. Layers of sheer blue ombré curtain provide light privacy and line the vast floor to ceiling street-facing windows. The adjacent wall contains large arched antique bronze mirrors and booth seating, which compliments the warm leather detailing on the Millwork credenzas.



© Jase Varney


柔软起伏的曲线和各种纹理有趣地将客人带入现代抽象的海岸。 暗指柱子的凹槽,墙壁用鼓形细节和定制的大气石膏效果处理。 不同形状和高度的编织纺织吊坠簇从高高的天花板上飘浮,在主餐厅投射出温暖的光芒。

Soft and undulating curves and an assortment of textures playfully transport guests to a modern abstraction of the coast. Alluding to the fluting of columns, walls are treated with tambour details and a custom atmospheric plaster effect. Clusters of woven textile pendants in varying shapes and heights float from the high ceilings, casting a generous warm glow in the main dining room.


© Jase Varney


此外,由Rockwell Group的图形工作室设计的插图是在由 The Alpha Workshops 创作的亚麻色调上手绘的,这是一家非营利性机构,为有可见或不可见残疾的成年人提供装饰艺术教育和就业机会。 线条图庆祝地中海文化、丰收和古代艺术。 在迎接客人的餐厅入口处可以找到另一幅艺术作品,即蜿蜒的地中海景观的定制壁画。

In addition, illustrations designed by Rockwell Group’s Graphics studio, have been hand painted on linen shades created by The Alpha Workshops, a not for profit which provides decorative arts education and employment to adults with visible or invisible disabilities. The line drawings celebrate Mediterranean culture, its harvests and ancient art. A further art piece, a custom mural of a meandering Mediterranean landscape, can be found at the restaurant entrance where guests are greeted.



© Jase Varney


酒吧占据了空间后墙的很大一部分,并采用蓝色熔岩顶部和凿刻的石条模具建造。 一个定制的背光背光屏幕吸引了眼球,它由两种色调的蓝色玻璃圆盘制成,灵感来自邪恶的眼睛“Mati”,一种神奇的保护性护身符。 这种引人注目的设计曲线一直延伸到高高的天花板,具有令人印象深刻的雕塑效果。 一个定制的 Gio Ponti 风格的瓷砖地板描绘了一个抽象的橄榄和树叶,围绕着酒吧,并为 Evil Eye 图案的后栏屏幕提供了视觉连接。

The bar occupies a vast portion of the back wall of the space and has been built with a blue lavastone top and chiselled stone bar die. A custom backlit backbar screen draws the eye and is made of two-toned blue glass discs inspired by the Evil Eye “Mati,” the magical and protective talisman. This eye-catching design curves right up to the high ceiling with impressive sculptural effect. A custom Gio Ponti-inspired tiled floor depicting an abstracted olive and leaf surrounds the bar and provides a visual connectiveness to the Evil Eye patterned backbar screen.


© Jase Varney





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