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© Nikolas Koenig


Casa Dani 是 Citizens 的两家特色高级餐厅之一,也是对 Dani García 西班牙美食之家的庆祝。餐厅被设计成一个渐进的旅程,从一系列较小的、更私密的空间到餐厅的橱窗——一个宏伟的、双层高的下沉餐厅,其比例和感觉反映了传统的露天西班牙中央庭院。

Casa Dani is one of Citizens’ two feature, fine-dining restaurants and is a celebration of Dani García’s Spanish culinary home. The restaurant has been designed as a progressive journey that leads from a series of smaller, more intimate spaces into the restaurant’s showcase – a grand, double-height sunken dining room, where the proportions and feel are reflective of a traditional open-air Spanish central courtyard.



© Nikolas Koenig



A 30-foot-long open kitchen framed by glass and brushed stainless steel box runs down the right-hand side of the entrance space and overlooks the double-height dining room beyond. In the kitchen, the cookline has been placed directly to face the guests to highlight the theatre of cooking.




© Nikolas Koenig


客人从酒吧/休息区走下带有皮革包裹的栏杆的楼梯,进入主餐厅。 定制的蕾丝窗帘屏风将主餐厅划分为一系列供客人使用的壁龛,设有私密的隔间、更大的家庭式圆桌和两人餐桌。 地中海色调以浅色木材、温暖的粘土灰泥、瓷砖和大理石为特色,而 RBW 的森系吊灯则散发出灯笼般的氛围。

Guests descend a staircase, with leather-wrapped rails, from the bar/lounge area into the main dining room. Custom lace drapery screens divide the main dining room into a series of alcoves for guests, with intimate booths, larger family-style round tables and dining tables for two. The Mediterranean palette features light wood, warm clay plaster, tiles, and marble, while Mori pendant lights from RBW emit a lantern-like ambience throughout.


© Nikolas Koenig


餐厅铺有质感丰富的瓷砖,设有动态起伏的天花板和质朴的赤土瓷砖地板,再加上茂密的植物,营造出在户外露台用餐的感觉。 一个开放的、定制的、手工制作的翡翠绿色瓷砖壁炉被设计成一个轻轻起伏的形状,模仿餐厅天花板的曲线。 在可能的情况下,Casa Dani 使用的家具、材料和产品均来自西班牙或纽约当地的制造商。

The dining room is clad in richly textured tile and features a dynamic undulating ceiling and rustic terracotta tile floor that, along with lush planting, creates a sense of dining in an outdoor terrace. An open, bespoke, handmade emerald green tile-clad fireplace has been designed with a gently undulating form that mimics the curves in the restaurant ceiling. Wherever possible, furniture, materials and products used within Casa Dani were sourced from Spain or local New York manufacturers.


© Nikolas Koenig


Casa Dani创新的烹饪技术和菜肴的景象和气味从厨房渗透到相邻的酒吧和休息区。 L形吧台有一个绿色雕刻大理石柜台、一个绿色凹槽瓷砖吧模具和定制的带有青铜底座的象牙色皮革凳子。多面镜后吧台向整个酒吧/休息室空间的客人反映厨房中的活动。酒吧旁边的编织绳艺术作品的灵感来自主厨 García 所在的安达卢西亚地区的渔村。在休息室,定制的实心大理石桌子和定制的长椅和柜台高度的座位为客人提供了多种座位选择,而盆栽橄榄树则参考了该地区珍贵的出口产品。

The sights and smells of Casa Dani’s innovative cooking techniques and dishes permeate from the kitchen to the adjacent bar and lounge area. The L-shaped bar has a green sculpted marble counter, a green fluted ceramic tile bar die, and custom ivory leather stools with a bronze base. The faceted mirror back bar reflects activity in the kitchen to guests throughout the bar/lounge space. A woven rope art piece next to the bar is inspired by the fishing villages of the Andalusian region where Chef García is from. In the lounge, custom solid marble tables and custom banquettes and counter-height seating provide a variety of seating options for guests, while potted olive trees reference the region’s prized exports.





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