Philip Olmesdahl:克利夫顿2A住宅设计

设计:SAOTA | 项目地点:开普敦 | 类别:居住空间 | 2017-05-19 9658 61

A flexible contemporary family residence on a spectacular but challenging site. The owners brief was to design a flexible contemporary family residence. The site was spectacular requiring a design that could respond to a challenging slopped corner site and its aspects.




The site is positioned on the ridge below Lions Head with 270° views of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles beyond.  It is an extreme corner site – a compact wedge of steep, predominately south-facing hillside with exposure to prevailing winds and its longest boundary on a busy road. Careful analysis of all site conditions largely informed the design.


A key strategy to create a generous level for principal living rooms was to elevate the main level on a plinth comprising of guest bedrooms and secondary spaces such as the Gym, Study, Garage and all plant  This Ground Floor is partially set into the steep site thereby maximising the living level and raising it above the noisy provincial road.  The First and Second Floors were then set back, fragmented and rotated to create a central but sheltered external terrace.  A glass bridge forms the link between the fragmented structures at the upper levels and permits North sunlight to shine between the bedroom wings and into the central areas on the South side of the house.


By elevating the main living areas and with careful consideration of the landscaping around the Ground Floor - privacy from the road and noise reduction was achieved.  The Ground Floor rooms all have double glazing. Generous overhangs, external sliding shutters and perforated steel and aluminium eaves assist with naturally shading the facades.  All doors and windows have performance glazing and are mostly full height which, together with the careful arrangement of internal spaces, ensured that the magnificent views are optimised for all rooms.


On arrival one is led up delicate cantilevering concrete stairs alongside an immense off-shutter concrete wall which tapers dramatically towards its base - and into a triple volume Entrance Foyer.  Here visitors are welcomed by a sculpture set into a water-feature and, through full height glazing, glimpses of mountain beyond.  Monolithic stairs are suspended above and filter shafts of refracted morning light creating a sense of calm.  The Study, Gym, Massage Room and luxurious Guest Bedrooms are all situated at the Ground Floor behind vegetation, screens and double glazing considerately layered to provide privacy and peace. 


North from the main stairs the Entertainment Room with its faceted weathered copper bar, natural stone tops and custom laser-cut aluminium screen behind presents a rich, detailed contemporary living space.   The Family Room, Kitchen, Dining and Lounge are to the South and all flow seamlessly onto the centrally positioned External Terrace which, though elevated, is sheltered by the carefully rotated bedroom wings above- whilst views out are vastly improved.  A blue mosaic rimflow pool runs the length of the terrace and brings sea and sky into the living spaces.

Clifton2A_1a _Ext04_Terr_002_al.jpg

The family bedrooms are strategically positioned at the Second Floor with expansive views and opulent interiors.  All have their own dressing rooms, en-suite bathrooms and private balconies.  

Clifton2A_1a _Ext04_Terr_004_al.jpg

The main en-suite enjoys lush tranquillity of all white finishes complete with an outside shower and views onto the National Park.  “The linearity of the dressing room is accentuated by central skylights which scoop natural light into an internal space surrounded by full-height joinery,” says Thaabe Ramabina of SAOTA.  The master bedroom is set forward as if propelled towards the view of the coast whilst clerestory glazing perfectly capture another view up to the cable station and Table Mountain.  A customised fireplace with a weathered Corten conical flue and polished concrete plinth complete the luxurious live-in haven whose off-shutter concrete wall contrast with slick stained oak panelling and natural timber floors.

Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn01.jpg

一层布局图/Floor Plan Level 1

Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn02.jpg

二层布局图/Floor Plan Level 2

Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn03.jpg

三层布局图/Floor Plan Level 3

Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn04.jpg


Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn05.jpg

北立面图/North Elevation

Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn06.jpg

西南立面图/South-West Elevation

Clifton2a Media Publication_No Logo, name, scalebar_cvn07.jpg

东立面图/East Elevation

项目名: CLIFTON 2A 

项目地:Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa

设计公司: SAOTA

项目团队:Philip Olmesdahl, Tamaryn Fourie & Thaabe Ramabina 

室内设计公司:Janine Lazard Interiors

完工: 2014

项目面积: 1120m²

摄影师:   Adam Letch 

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