Marco Piva:虹桥239豪华会所设计

设计:Studio Marco Piva | 项目地点:上海 | 类别:居住空间 | 2017-01-03 9770 52

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In the VIP area located in west Shanghai, the street of luxury residential houses with top house price in China, Marco Piva has been appointed to study the best solution for a sample house of a complex of 72 villas, combining an absolutely contemporary sign, as in Studio Marco Piva DNA, with traditional Chinese one.

  位于上海西边的VIP区,拥有中国最高房价豪华住宅区的街道就位于这片区域。Marco Piva被委以重任来研究拥有72栋别墅的最佳的样板房解决方案,深深地根植于Marco Piva设计事务所的DNA中显著的现代设计元素融合了中国传统的设计元素。

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At the beginning of the project there was a careful research focused on the dualism between classic and contemporary, international and traditional, public and private spaces, to integrate all those aspects in a fluid and natural way.

  项目设计之初,设计师Marco Piva对深入研究样板房的相对关系进行二元论的研究,如古典与现代、国际与传统、公共空间与私人空间,通过一种流畅并且自然的设计方法把这些元素整合在一起。

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Precisely, it has been the dualism of public and private that has strongly influenced the project concept.Hong Qiao 239, this is the real name of the lot, has been carefully studied as a space that can be both intimate than open. That’s why we renamed it Club-House, an house to live in with the family but also a Club, where friends and parties are welcome.


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Club-House is the first step of an innovative new way of living our own home, to be a lively, sophisticated, elegant, long lasting home, both private and social, of which the owner (and their friends) will never have enough.


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At the Ground Floor there are all the main rooms, strongly divided with the nights ones (one master bedroom and three single bedrooms, all with their bathrooms) on the right side, and the the living room, the dining room, the library and the kitchen on the left side.


Marco Piva:虹桥239豪华会所设计-08

To increase the flesibility between the public space and private space, which corresponding to Club and House, sliding doors have been placed to separate the dining room from the living room and the dining room from the main atrium corridor. Also the Kitchen can be a separate space.


         Marco Piva:虹桥239豪华会所设计-09

The atrium corridor, with monumental golden portal, point out the way in to the different spaces.A spectacular “verde bamboo” marble, for instance, start from the atrium and covers the entire private hall, that makes as a crossroads for the intimate space of the bedrooms.

  中庭走道通过一扇巨大的金色大门连接,通过大门,可以进入到住宅的各个空间。比如,富丽堂皇的巴西进口verde bamboo花岗岩从中庭开始铺设,并且覆盖整个私密的门厅,在这里可以“分道扬镳”进入到各个卧室。

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Always in the atrium, there is the access to the monumental onyx marble staircase with metal balustrade for going in the basement.


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At the Basement 1  we have the game room, the wine cellar, the cigar room and home cinema, and the maid room.This level is more private than the ground floor, with little room that can be dedicated to reunions, meeting or private conversation.


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In the game room, for example, we try to combine the space with nature, the contemporary design with traditional Chinese spirit. A circle windows were created on the wall as well as on the floor, through which people can enjoy the fantastic waterfall and the vision of swimming pool.


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At Basement 2 we have the space for the total relaxation, alone or with family or friends, with the swimming pool and the spa area, equipped with private massage room, changing rooms and a lounge.. There is also the luxury car’s saloon, from which is possible entry directly at this level..


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A fascinating swimming pool was also created on Basement 2, with artificial waterfall and natural light  from the sky. The pool is surrounded by designed marble walls with linear LED inside.


The interiors of Club House have been created with great attention being paid to the choice of materials, textures and details, and there are powerful references to the Italian design, merged with custom made pieces and Chinese high level materials.

On Marco Piva’s design, for example, we have the golden texture of the monumental portal of the atrium and of the sliding door to cover the TV in the rooms, and falling chandeliers in the important space


Masterpieces of Italian design are from Baxter, Busnelli, Ceramica Santagostino, Lasvit, Luxury Living Group, Minotti, Molteni, Oluce, Poltrona Frau, Secret Du Luxe,  Sicis Next Art, Toncelli Cucine.

Most of the furniture related to the fit out have been selected by a Chinese contractor, who supplied the best marbles and leather materials directly from China, under the instructions from Studio Marco Piva








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