Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览

设计:Studio Marco Piva | 项目地点:意大利 | 类别:腕儿线索 | 2016-06-12 7060 61


Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-01

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-02

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-03

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-04


In Venice, in conjunction with the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale, Marco Piva have inaugurated with success his own exhibition “Designing The Complexity - Materials Colors Textures”, focused on the aesthetic and functional research behind the contemporary design planning.The location is the “Scuola Grande della Misericordia”, a building attributed to Sansovino, an Italian sculptor and architect of 1500, just reopened after 40 years, due to the renovation works by “Gruppo Umana”.

        在最近的威尼斯15届国际建筑建筑双年展的开幕式上,Marco Piva成功地为自己主题为「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」的展览顺利地拉开了帷幕,聚焦于现代设计规划背后的美学和功能的研究。展览位于威尼斯的卡尔米尼教堂,建筑为1500年代的意大利雕塑家、建筑家桑索维诺所造,40年后,在Gruppo Umana改造后,重新对外开放。

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-05

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-06

The exhibition is displayed at the ground floor, which is divided into three naves by twin columns, while upstairs, in the great hall,  it’s possible to see frescoes painted by Paolo Veronese‘s school.


Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-07

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-08

The exhibition starts from the theme of architecture, which is presented “in action”, through 6 videos that illustrate the design’s activities of Studio Marco Piva, each one focusing on individual aspects necessary for the realization of an architectural or design work.

        展览以建筑为主题,名为“in action(在行动)”,通过六个视频展示Marco Piva建筑事务所的设计活动,每一个视频着重体现实现建筑或设计作品所需的个人重要因素。

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-09

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-10

The aim is to narrate the design process: from the concept phase to the development, through the selection of materials, technical design and construction phases, until the completion.


Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-11

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-12

An indispensable research path in today’s design, that reveals the soul that lies within each work.


Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-13

From theory to practice, the exhibition then shows the connection between architecture and the materials from which is composed, presented by the companies that support the intense researches and experimentation activities of Studio Marco Piva.

        从理论到实践,展览展现了建筑与材料组成之间的某种联系,通过一直合作支持Marco Piva建筑事务所专注研究和实验的公司共同呈现。

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-14

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-15

Different materials installations show the evolutionary possibilities that the research in the use of materials, combined with the latest technology, permits.A contrast between different, but complementary, beauties: on one hand, the timeless charm of the past, and on the other the possibilities of the present, to build-up a future of excellence.


Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-16

Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-17

A set-up that, mixing-up with the history of the place, explore the tactile and visual perceptions of the materials. Marble, stone and quartz, ceramics, glass, metals and colours at the service of the architect and of the contemporary design, but also a tribute to an architectural and design culture that creates one of priceless value of the Italian heritage.


Marco Piva威尼斯双年展之「设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构」展览-18

主题:designing the complexity: Materials Colors Textures/设计的复合性:材料、色彩、结构



设计公司:Studio Marco Piva


其他设计合作伙伴:Casale del Giglio,Eambiente,Ege Carpets,Essequattro,Gruppo Euromobil,Inalco,Okite,Piavevetro,Planium S.r.l (T-Group),Valorizzazioni culturali


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