Bookshelf House/巴黎郊区书架住宅

项目地点:法国 | 2017-06-14 1968 10

A big woodwork of stepped bookshelves is the key element that characterize this remodeling project just outside of Paris: a private three-storey house renovated by Italian architect Andrea Mosca.

        在这个位于巴黎郊区的改造项目中,一个大的木工踏步式书架成为这个特征明显室内设计的主要元素:由意大利建筑师Andrea Mosca设计的三层私人住宅。


Andrea Mosca designed the interior for a family of five who stayed at a friend's house during the renovation and were enamored with the living room bookshelf. The aim of this project was to transform this dark, run-down home into a bright and warm space, add an office zone on the mezzanine and create a separate but visible kitchen.

        在Andrea Mosca为这个五口之家翻新设计的时候,这一家人短暂住在他们的一个朋友家里,Andrea被客厅中的书架吸引住了。项目的目的在于把这原来阴沉的、破旧的家改造成一个明亮的而且温馨的空间,在夹层上增加一个办公区域,并且打造一个分离但又可见的厨房。

▲客厅/living room

The beech wood shelves other that just forming a Bookcase, act as stair railing, office space dividers and general storage within the two levels.


▲山毛榉书架/beech wood bookcase

Usually conceived as a series of flat shelving, this bookcase is made around a single element that is repeated into the space to design the project. The first unit goes from the first floor to the mezzanine, serving as the main bookshelf in the living room as well as a railing on one side of the stairs.



It continues then on the mezzanine level, where it becomes a storage unit that hides the bedroom entry and the office.


▲餐厅/dining room

A big glass pillar covered with mirrors disclose the theme of this project even before entering the main living room.


▲办公区域/office area

The kitchen is separated from the dining room by a glass panel and a glass sliding door to fill the space with natural light.


▲儿童房/children‘s rooms

White painted wood floor and Beech bookshelves fill now the space with warm natural light giving this house a new life.


▲客厅和隔层间的主要书架设计图/drawing of the main shelves between LR&MS-SS

▲夹层和办公室的储存室设计图/drawing of mezzanine storage ME&office

▲餐厅书架设计图/drawing of bookshelf in dining room

▲厨房设计图/drawing of the kitchen

▲卧室设计图/drawing of bedrooms

项目名:Bookshelf House


设计师:Andrea Mosca Architecte DESA (hmonp)

项目地:Paris suburb



摄影师:Andrea Mosca

Andrea Mosca


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