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In 1925 two innovative young engineers devoted to high quality audio production, Peter Bang and Svend Olfusen, founded Danish brand Bang & Olufsen. Today, the luxury electronic brand remains at the forefront of domestic technology. They have recently expanded their market further into providing integrated audio and video solutions for the home and other areas such as the hospitality and automotive industries.


Bang & Olufsen is a brand that exudes an essence of luxury, with a strong desire to draw people into their universe of ‘magical experiences’ in sound and design. Creative Director Johannes Torpe and CEO Tue Mantoni initiated the design process with the intention of revolutionising the retail experience. The new design arose from a united vision to provide the customer with a ‘mood altering sensory experience through design and sound’. Johannes Torpe curated the creative process, merging the talents of his own design team with the creative team at Bang & Olufsen to produce a holistically considered branded space.


The new store design was created as a scalable concept; allowing for easier flexibility and international expansion. Three zones were designed within the store with the ability to be implemented in a variety of retail spaces that range from 50m to 200m in area. In April 2013, the prototype store was built in the heart of Copenhagen and the worldwide rollout has been estimated to stretch into 2014. The next store will open in Shanghai on the 27th of June 2013.



The pinnacle of the new retail concept is the speaker wall that showcases Bang & Olufsen’s best-selling speakers. Hidden behind wall panel divisions, the speakers wait to appear where, at the touch of a button, they are dynamically revealed to display their excellent sound quality and exquisite design. The revolving walls that stand in the center of the space compliment the speaker wall perfectly. Customers are invited onto the podium where they are swept away into a complete Bang & Olufsen sensory experience. “Everything is integrated… it is like a ballet. The sound, the picture, the lighting, the rotation and the movement all go along in a very nicely choreographed way,” explains Torpe.


It is this element of surprise and level of detail that brings about a sense of depth to the store and re-positions Bang & Olufsen on the pedestal that they began on back in 1925.


The new Bang & Olufsen retail concept is a visual and audio playground for the affluent clientele and new generation customers, once again establishing Bang & Olufsen as a highly esteemed luxury brand that constantly challenges the common retail experience. Presenting a myriad of tech-savvy, exquisitely handcrafted products, this not only a showcase of innovation but also a compelling experience for the store visitor.


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