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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.


The role of design is to find the connection between function and society. On the premise that the function is sufficient to explain everything, the decorative components can be controlled, which is a test of the maturity of a designer.


Since Shenzhen entered the public's field of vision, it has stayed on the frontier of the times. The constant wave of frontiers continues to push the boundaries of development. The innovative entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this trend. They also eager for an open and diverse environment to gather everyone's cohesion to jointly create an orderly and comforting office environment. 


As a carrier of project value, Luohu Zhonghai Commercial Center needs to meet the functions of marketing activities. The designer fully balances the space for office and display, and perfectly integrates the various needs of Work&Live&Exhibition, setting up exhibition areas, negotiation areas, office areas, leisure areas, etc., which truly interpret the brand concept of modernly smart office and create an ideal business life benchmark.

01. 直线象征无限Straight Line Symbolizes Infinite


Every line has its own characters. The straight line is logical, stable, and rigid. The line's thickness, length, convergence and divergence constitute a contrast.


Through the analysis of the spatial temperament, the designer prioritizes the straight line form as a characteristic element that runs through the beginning and the end to emphasize the professionalism of the office space. The minimalist linear elements express the beauty of the spatial sequence.


The straight line symbolizes the extension and infinity of thinking. On this basis, the designer extended a more comprehensive and rich form of expression-array.


As the navigational existence of the first impression of space, we are more concerned with its representative sense of form. The straight lines that run through the whole project, appearing in a form which is full of architectural volume, and sense of hierarchy gradually emerge.


Work space occupies a large proportion of this project. Neutral lines are used for simple layout, and the array of tables and chairs can not be ignored, highlighting the serious and rich working atmosphere of young people.

02. 空间秩序之美 Rational Art of Space




This is a comprehensive project of urban renewal containing office buildings and apartment. After preliminary research, the designer divided the customer group into four main categories: commerce logistics, technological innovation, cultural creativity and modern services. According to the proportion of the types of enterprises settled in, the tonality of space is defined as the blend of reason and art.


The designer uses rational linear elements to divide the space, and guide the flow of action by spatial structure and scale. Our setting of the space boundary is not simply to destroy and stop, but to fill it with a soft emotional transition by another kind of line to blur and fill in.


There is such a functional ambiguity zone in the space, which has always been given the meaning of "emotional carrier". Being in it, you can blend into this space and relax and heal; you can also live here and build resonance with other people.

03. 开启智慧办公 Key to Smart Office


The linear details form the original design concept. The interspersed variations are concise and mellow, guiding humans to construct a daily situation of business office. 


The designer uses the elements of exquisite linear detail to emphasize the design background of the business office, with simple and classic brand furniture, embellished with contemporary art accessories, to create an exquisite and delicate business space.

△ 通电玻璃智能调光

04. 艺术氛围营造Creating Art Atmosphere


The overall space is comfortable and soft, simple and clean. Humanistic details and artistic atmosphere expression make the space more flexible and changeable.


Sitting on such a beautiful scenery of coastline city, blue sea and sky, as well as undulating mountains, reflects the never-tired open-mindedness and energy of this city.










Project Name:  Luohu Zhonghai Commercial Center

Architectural Design: YuQiang & Partners

Interior Design:  YuQiang & Partners

Furnishing Design: Wow Deco

Project Completion Date:  April,2020 

Project Area: 662㎡

Project Location:  Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,China

Photography:  Huang Zao Hui, Jiang Deqiang



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