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〈含宫咀征  抽离浮华〉

< Permeate with beautiful music and break away from vanity >


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建筑“ 势 ”的精神

The “ Vigor ” Spirit in the Building


柏悦府位于固安这座享有“ 京南明珠 ”的优美城市,以开放、自然的特性呼应着这座城市千百年来的文化底蕴和人文气质。

Boyue marketing center is located in Gu’an, a beautiful city enjoying the reputation of “Pearl of Jingnan”,and echoes thousands of years of cultural deposits and humanistic temperament of this city with its open and natural characteristics.


“ 只有把艺术理解为我们思想、想象、情感的一种特殊倾向,一种新的态度,我们才能真正理解它的意义与功能。 ”


“Only by understanding art as a special tendency and a new attitude of our thoughts, imaginations and emotions, can we truly understand its significance and function.”

——German Philosopher Ernst Cassirer



柏悦府以精炼的建筑语言诉说着“ 大道至简 ”的现代美学,以几何形态的构成诠释出“ 轻盈 ”、“ 漂浮 ”之感,充满张力,引领未来。随着渐行渐近,伴着“ 水映廊影 ”的虚实掩映,又有一丝柔美的东方静谧——

“Boyue marketing center” expresses the modern aesthetics of “Great truths are always simple!” in the refined architectural language, and interprets the sense of lightness and floating with geometric composition, which is full of tension and leads the future. As you approach gradually, accompanied by the false and real reflection of “corridor shadow in water”, there is a soft oriental tranquility.


空间“ 质 ”的内核

The essence of architectural space



Water ripples and shines in the sun on a clear day, and the mountains are shrouded in misty rain on a rainy day. 

如果“ 建筑,是用结构来表达思想的科学性艺术(——F·L·赖特) ”,那么室内空间则是依托于建筑之下的情感衍生,“ 柏悦府 ”的空间设计以别具一格的当代东方语境,演绎着一种超然的“ 潇洒 ”——

If “architecture is the scientific art of expressing ideas with structures” (F.L. Wright), the interior space is the emotional place relying on the building. The space design of “Boyue marketing center” interprets a kind of transcendental “unrestrained” nature in a unique contemporary oriental context.



Graceful scroll design

延着建筑外廊缓缓步入前厅,宛如一幅诗意的长轴画卷,步入室内空间伊始,“沉浸式”的东方隐秘了然于心。一条现隐相间的长廊,犹如“ 幕帘 ”一般飘逸灵动,将参观者徐徐引向前方,水影交融,刚柔并济,好似游走于南宋园林之中。

Slowly walking into the vestibule along the outer corridor of the building is just like a poetic scroll on a long axis. The moment you step into the interior space, you will see an “immersive” oriental mystery clear to the heart: a long corridor appears to be hidden like a “curtain”, flowing, flexible, leading the visitors to the front gently and blending the water and shadow, as if you were walking in a garden during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).

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沙盘区空间呈现着高雅宏大的气势,墙面与天花运用统一的材质,弱化建筑边界,将时光定格,与空间对话,以雅致灰调承载“ 纯粹、轻盈 ”的空间美感,体验褪去浮华,“ 人然合一 ”的本真感观。

The space of the sand table area presents an elegant and magnificent momentum. The uniform materials of the wall and ceiling are used to weaken the boundary of the building, freeze the time, dialogue with the space, and carry the beauty of “pure and light” space in elegant gray tones, signaling the original sense of “the unity of man and nature”.


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A bright moon rises from the mountains and crosses the vast sea of clouds.





回眸之间,挪移之处,皆有景致。回望长廊的尽头,一轮皎月在“ 天空 ”,水天一色,疏阔大气,空间以“递进式 ”的情感传递,到此处“ 可行、可望 ”寻求建筑与“ 天、地、水、月 ”等自然元素之间的平衡,更融合“ 幽、雅、阔、怡 ”的温婉情怀。

When you look back or move, there are scenes everywhere. Looking back at the end of the long corridor, a bright moon is in the sky. The water seems to melt into the sky, which is broad and magnificent. The space is conveyed by “progressive” emotion, and you can seek for the balance between architecture and natural elements such as “sky, earth, water and moon”. It also has the “quiet, elegant, broad and joyful” gentle feeling. 




Walking to the meeting area, the elevated space, open and clear, is a complete correspondence to the building, and a poetic expression of the oriental artistic conception. The hazy composition suspended in the air and the lighting frame on the top contrast finely with each other. With the introduction of natural light, it gives life to light, projecting the illusion and reality during travel. 

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空间墙面运用“ 柔性石材 ”铺设,每一块都有微妙的变化,加之“ 内探 ”的弧面构成手法,打破柔和建筑的固有结构形态,呈现“ 叠石理水 ”般的惬意。

The walls of the space are laid with “flexible stones”, each of which has subtle changes. The inward arc construction breaks the inherent structural form of the soft building, presenting the comfort of “stone and water landscape”.


Clouds fly past the pavilion in the morning and the curtain is rolled by rain at night.


远处的旋转梯宛如“ 龙挂 ”一般由地面延伸至上层,气贯长虹,高古幽远,如郭熙的《林泉高致》中提及“ 高远、平远、深远 ”的三远透视,开阔亦具层次,诗意亦具力量。

 The spiral stair in the distance extends from the ground to the upper layer like a waterspout, lofty and grand, ancient and distant, just like the three-dimensional perspective of “lofty, far-reaching and distant” mentioned in The Elegance of the Bamboo and Spring by Guo Xi, broad and layered, poetic and magnificent.


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二层的贵宾室以原木清冈般的色系点缀空间,澹泊宁静,使人沉下心绪,怀着“ 难得一面,世当珍惜 ”的心情,来诚心礼遇每一次相遇。无论是人与人之间的际遇,亦或是人与空间的对话,静心清志,宁静致远——

In the VIP room on the second floor, the space is adorned with the log-like color system, so that people calm down and sincerely welcome each encounter with the mood of cherishing. Both the encounter between people and the dialogue between human and space are tranquil and peaceful. ——



Write on a paper leisurely and make tea by the window on a sunny day.





The formation of space is accompanied by the integration of people, architecture and nature, which is a complete context, a rich emotional line, and a naive chapter.



—— 柯布西耶

To express a work clearly, to give it with vivid unity, to give it a basic attitude and character, is the creation of pure spirit.

—— Le Corbusier




Project Name: Boyue marketing center


Project Address: South of Gu’an Central Park, Hebei Province

设计面积:约 1600㎡

Design Area: About 1600㎡


Completion Time: May 2020


Owner :Peacock City


Interior Design Company: JSP Architectural Design Consulting co.,Ltd


Interior Design Team:Michael.Xing、Chen Ping、Yu Ting


Main Materials of the Project: Flexible stone, Gainker plate, acrylic stone


Photography: MZ STUDIOS


上海JSP建筑设计(JSP Architects Ltd.)




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