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尼斯梅里迪亚城市技术中心如今是 Anis 的总部,由建筑师 Dimitri Roussel 和 Nicolas Laisné 设计的办公大楼。建筑体现了公司对户外空间和绿色植物的兴趣,提供创新的工作空间,同时也体现了对环境的承诺。


The Nice Méridia urban technology hub is now home to Anis, an office building with terraces designed by the architects Nicolas Laisné and Dimitri Roussel. Reflecting the interest shown by companies in outdoor spaces and greenery, the structure is innovative from the point of view of the working spaces that it offers, but also the committed environmental approach.



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在日益灵活的工作安排和充满活力的公司的背景下,Dimitri Roussel和Nicolas Laisne的设计受到三个指导原则的驱动:创造有吸引力的工作空间,形成会议场所,可以灵活的使用。


Against the backdrop of increasingly flexible working arrangements and dynamic companies, Dimitri Roussel and Nicolas Laisné’s design was driven by three guiding principles: creating appealing working spaces, forming meeting places and offering flexible use.


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Handling these challenges from the point of view of Mediterranean architecture led them to suggest outdoor working spaces.




The building is nestled in the heart of a green space. The terraces have gardens, but they are also connected to transform into a workstation or an informal meeting room. The transparent façades allow the light to enter, whilst the terrace overhangs provide protection from the sun, creating a climate-controlled environment.


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Another significant project decision: moving all the corridors and passageways outside. They are usually located in the centre of traditional buildings, so moving them freed up entire floors. The feeling of space is amplified by the removal of the usual false ceilings, with all technical elements managed within the floor.


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Using a construction technique based around posts and beams frees up space on the platforms and offers greater flexibility in arranging the spaces. With the potential for open spaces, individual offices, partitions, or modular work stations, the space is designed to suit the needs of any company.




These innovations offer not only maximum freedom for occupants in their chosen layout, but the corridors and passageways also liven up the façades and are ideally suited for informal discussions outside, overlooking a garden.



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Designing and creating long-lasting buildings, which remain relevant, adapt and are not restricted or defined based on an existing program is a significant eco-friendly gesture.


更具体地说,与Anis NicolasLaisné和Dimitri Roussel希望远离标准的企业房地产设计方法,即玻璃“幕墙”,这通常是能源密集型项目的代名词。 明确的环境特征。


More specifically, with Anis Nicolas Laisné and Dimitri Roussel wanted to distance themselves from the standard corporate real estate design approach, that of the glass “curtain wall”, which is often synonymous with energy-intensive projects. A clear environmental identity.


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在该项目中,Laisné Roussel为环境建筑树立了榜样,因为它体现了可持续的设计策略。该建筑的设计经过了优化,以适应天气变化:根据朝向创建悬挑物,在冬季利用太阳能减少热能的消耗,并在夏季提供防晒保护以改善工作条件。 走廊和通道区域用于创建气候受控的环境并最大程度地增加自然通风。


With this project, the Laisné Roussel environmental architecture sets an example, as it reflects a sustainable design strategy. The building design is optimized to respond to the weather: creating overhangs based on orientation, making use of solar energy in winter to reduce heating energy consumption, and providing protection from the sun in the summer to improve working conditions. The corridor and passageway areas are used to create a climate-controlled environment and maximize natural ventilation.




建筑设计:Nicolas Laisné Architectes, Dimitri Roussel (Agence DREAM)

景观设计:Tangram Paysage

项目面积: 6962 m²



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