Colin Seah:RACE品牌体验空间设计

设计:Ministry of Design | 项目地点:新加坡 | 类别:商业空间 | 2017-07-07 9267 56

Race, Singapore


MOD was commissioned to design the branding and spatial experience for RACE, a new robotic facility aimed at educating, and introducing robots into automating existing manufacturing industries. RACE intended to also feature a series of interchangeable modular robots as a key unique proposition.









▲机器实验室/robotics lab


Inspired by the concept of modularity, and influenced by aesthetics of precision and dynamism; the logotype is an expression of a complete form comprised of individual standalone parts.



▲机器安装状态/robots installed




The brief for the laboratory space required flexibility to showcase a changing series of modular robots as well as be used for hands-on training and lectures. The laboratory needed to be a continuous open space, yet conducive for small clusters for hands-on training. Underpinning this brief, MOD also sought to create an engaging and future-forward spatial experience that denotes the idea of industrial automation and precision.

        实验室空间要求具有灵活性, ⽤来展⽰⼀系列不断变化的模块化机器⼈, 并⽤于动⼿的培训和讲座。 实验 室需要⼀个连续的开放空间,同时要考虑⼩群体亲⾝实践的培训。为满⾜这⼀要求,MOD试图创造⼀个引 ⼈⼊胜,极具未来感空间体验,来体现⼯业⾃动化和精密度的特点。




▲机器实验室/robotics lab

Upon arrival at the lift lobby, a vivid prelude to the laboratory space greets the viewer. A web of soaring white lines cut through the black space to create an anamorphic experience to disorient the floor from the ceiling. From the black envelope of the lift lobby, a custom oversized door pivots open to reveal a dramatic metallic faceted space, creating a contrast that is at once striking yet complementary.

        快要到达电梯厅, 就会看到⼀个迎接观众的⽣动的实验室前厅。 ⻜扬的⽩线穿过⿊⾊的空间形成的⺴创造 了⼀个从地⾯到天花扭曲变形的空间经验。 从⿊⾊信封的电梯⼤堂⽽来, ⼀个定制的超⼤号的⻔开着, 露 出⼀个戏剧性的⾦属多⾯空间,创造了⼀个强烈的对⽐和引⼈注目的互补。


▲服务舱/service hatch

13-14_RACE close up and detail.jpg

▲表面细节/close up and detail

For maximum flexibility to the space, MOD introduced a "second" skin - developed to seamlessly create a dynamic space by deconstructing the ceiling and wall planes into an array of dazzling facets. Each facet comprises stacked layers of hand-cut aluminium hollow tubing; rotating the direction of the tubes with every facet to create a bold multi-directional effect. The aluminium screen cladding also serves to cloak the necessary but unsightly mechanical and electrical services while allowing ease of access for operation. This skin was shaped in plan with enclaves for small group work clusters accompanied by separate access hatches to the services behind. The random sprinkle of custom LED strips serves to highlight the multi-directional panels with a cutting-edge aesthetic. Overall, the space provides a suitable future-forward backdrop to usher in an age of automation and robotics.

        为了提供空间的最⼤灵活性,MOD引⼊了“第⼆层”⽪肤——⽆缝地创造了⼀个动态空间——通过解构天花 和墙⾯, 形成令⼈炫目的多⾯阵列。 每个⾯都由⼿⼯切割的空⼼铝管堆叠⽽成的模块组成, ⼏个基本模块旋转和重复形成多个位⾯。 这层铝管⽪肤也遮盖了那些必须的机电设施, 在遮挡视线的同时很容易进⾏操作和维护。 定制发光⼆级管的随机布置在各个⽅向的位⾯上, 体现了前沿的审美。 总的来说, 空间提供了 ⼀个极具未来感的背景来开创⼀个⾃动化和机器⼈技术的时代。

16 RACE robotics lab_NAMECARDS.jpg


17 RACE robotics lab_collaterals.jpg


18 Race robotics lab_plan.jpg

▲平面布局图/overall plan

19 Race robotics lab_plan_robot stations.jpg

▲机器人工作站布局图/robotic station plan

20 Race robotics lab_elevation.jpg


项目名:RACE Robotics Lab



设计团队:Colin Seah, Ruth Chong, Sandra Goh, Sarah Conceicao, Yuping Tiang, Richard Herman, Madeline Lim



摄影师:CI&A Photography – Edward Hendricks

客户:PBA Systems Pte Ltd

室内承包商:Hocklim Engineering Pte Ltd

品牌附属:Logo, Business card, Letterhead, Envelope, Branding guidelines

撰文:Colin Seah

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