David Collins:曼谷Vogue餐厅设计

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  Creating the ultimate lounge requires a very carefully chosen and curated set of parameters. Conde Nast and David Collins Studio have worked together to create the vision for Vogue Lounge. David Collins Studio’s expertise is in delivering the essence of the Vogue brand from a hospitality point of view and something that works seamlessly as  an all day, all night experience. I am very proud to have been asked to create a concept which is synonymous with Vogue, the world’s most influential fashion magazine”

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David Collins:曼谷Vogue餐厅设计2

  “打造一个出色的大堂需要细心的思考以及对参数的缜密选择。 Conde Nast和大卫柯林斯工作室联手创造了Vogue时尚大堂的面貌。大卫柯林斯工作室的独到之处是他们能以酒店的角度将Vogue品牌的精髓递给每一位客人,使客人们无论白天和夜晚都能感受到它的不凡。Vogue杂志是当今全球最有影响力的时尚媒体,当他们邀请我为他们打造概念设计的时候,我感到无比的自豪。”设计师Simon Rawling说。

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David Collins Studio:曼谷Vogue餐厅设计5

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  Vogue Lounge has been conceived as a striped statement of black, white and gold. The glamorous society icons commissioned by Diane Vreeland and captured in black and white by photographer Cecil Beaton in the 60s and 70s influenced the concept creatively.

  Vouge时尚大堂主题色调为黑、白和金色,形式为条状。主要设计灵感来源于著名摄影师Cecil Beaton于60、70年代为颇具盛名的大亨Diane Vreeland拍摄的一组靓丽城市为题材的黑白摄影。

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  We have searched through the archives of collectable issues of Vogue dating back to 1927 to the present day, to arrive at a concept which encapsulates Vogue.  The design is bold, high contrast, textural, timeless and sexy.


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