LDA_IMdA associated architects was founded in 1999 with the aim of structuring a laboratory of Architecture, Interiors and Design.After several years of research at the Design Department of the Florence Faculty of Architecture, the office focuses on the professional activities in various national and international competitions.It wins awards and competitions, such as the Architecture Project For Five Degraded Suburban Areas in Prato , the Project for the bathing area in Castelnuovo Valdicecina (Pisa) , the Project for the new bridge over the river Arno, the Project for the Polo School in Caraglio (Cuneo) and the Commission Prize.In the Design field it wins awards such as the RED DOT AWARD 2012 with the Aria Tap Webert , the “GLASSHOUSE EUROPEAN COMPETITION” in London for the construction of a glasshouse, “COLOMBO DESIGN CALLS FOR CREATIVITY” in Milan and the “LIVING IN BATHROOM” in Florence for the realization of bathroom accessories.LDA_iMdA has been invited to exhibit their work in various universities and published in national and international magazines/books among which there are: Deezen , Domus, Interni Almanac of Italian architects of Casabella and Exhibition Design 2.
In 2012 it participates at the Salone del Mobile, exposing the project MenoperMeno in the space set up by Antonio Lupi.
For the Design, it has clients such as: Colombo Design , Plumbing, Webert , Stilhaus , Officinanove , Slide Design , Qsquared , Pezzani .Lda_iMdA has a Brazilian headquarters in Belo Horizonte since 2010, LDA-In.Brasil, where a variety of projects related to architecture and design are developed.

LDA.iMdA architects


\ LDA.iMdA architetti associati

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