Winka Dubbeldam is the founder and president of Archi-Tectonics [1994] and Professor and Chair of the Department of Architecture at PennDesign, Philadelphia. She has lectured and taught extensively at the Masters Programs of Columbia, Harvard, Cornell, and Penn. She served as juror at several design- and AIA awards, and was a juror for the Prix de Rome and the Architecture Biennale in Bogota. She also serves as the External Examiner for the AA [Architectural Association] in London, and was on the Board of the Institute of Urban Design, NY [2010- 16] and Board of Advisors of BOFFO NYC [2011].
Archi-Tectonics is a research based design practice, that aims to work on multiple scales, spanning from the object to the building to the city. We aim to achieve design efficiencies that express themselves in optimized modulations resulting in original shapes, buildings, and spaces. Archi-Tectonics is an expert in LEED design. Recent built residential work includes the 11 story GW building, the Chelsea townhouse, the 9-story residential Vestry building, all in NYC, and the 15-story American Loft tower in Philadelphia, several free standing villa’s, and several large lofts incl. the living spaces for John Legend. We also recently completed several commercial projects, including the NAI in Rotterdam, the Tashan restaurant in Philadelphia, and the mixed-use Brewster Carriage House, in NYC. Archi-Tectonics is the Lead Architect for a bottom-up Masterplan for Downtown Bogota, and recently won the large scale Yulin Masterplan in China, and a waterfront design in New Rochelle, NY.

Winka Dubbeldam


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