Enrico Taranta is the President of Taranta Creations Architecture and Interior Design.
To Enrico Taranta, design is not merely about achieving visual effects. It’s about creating an experience through which life itself is elevated to an art form.
Color, texture, form—Enrico has mastered these elements, just as a few other designers of each era. Yet the effect is never formulaic.
In recent years, with the development of Taranta Creations, Enrico attracts more and more attention from both media and the public and he has huge influence in Wechat and Weibo. As a professional interior and architecture designer, he has finished many projects with various style in China, such as shanghai tower observatory floor, W hotel in Casablanca, red town, special styles in China like Banna hotel, Qinghai hotel and so on. He also acts as lifestyle consultant to private clients.
Each design of Taranta Creations derives from its site, setting and historical context, aiming to create a unique interpretation of perfection and meet needs and desires of the client exclusively for whom it was commissioned.
The spaces he creates, the furniture he designs, and the objects he chooses for his interiors inspire the mind and express the soul.
Strength. Discipline, Balance.对于恩里克·塔然塔而言,设计不仅仅是为了实现视觉效果。它的意义在于通过创造一种体验使生活本身上升到艺术化的层面。颜色、质地、形式——恩里克·塔然塔,和其他少数各时代的设计师一样,能将这些元素运用自如。但设计的效果不会让人感觉程式化。



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