Born and educated as a Designer in Paris, Thomas Dariel is the Founder and creative mind behind Dariel Studio. As great grandson of a French furniture designer, grandson of a jazz musician and son of an architect, his family heritage has always brought him strength, inspiration and a curiosity nourished by all artistic fields. If Dariel Studio is focused on Interior Design, Thomas Dariel draws his creativity from different worlds as design, fashion, gastronomy, visual arts and luxury. This desire for diversification is reflected in his clients’ choice. With a tailor-made, personalized and human approach of each project, Thomas treasures to collaborate with individuals of all kind of expertise to benefit from each other skills and enrich his own design.

Thomas Dariel’s style is playful, colorful, bold and provocative. His signature is, in its search of new forms, in constant evolution. Through his way of creating interiors, a new language occurs on each project, driven by a passion for turning upside down traditional codes and clichés. By confronting heritage and cutting-edge innovations, combining French design heritage with Eastern cultural influence, his open approach unfolds original perspectives while observing clients’ demanding standards.

Since 7 years, Thomas Dariel originality and creativity allow him to be widely recognized on the interior design market and to be awarded (among others): Best International Designer 2012 – Andrew Martin Awards, Outstanding Designer 2012 – Modern Decoration International Media Awards, Top 40 Young Design Talents under 40 – 2013 Perspective 40 Under 40, Top 100 talents in Architecture and Design – Architectural Digest Magazine (AD) 2013.

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