Wrap House

项目地点:日本 | 2016-07-20 697 7

location: Matsuyama, Ehime Japan

completion: 2015.3

site area: 132.38 ㎡

buidling area: 75.01 ㎡

structure: timber

scale: 2F

typology: Private housing

structure engineers: Low fat structure / Taro Yokoyama

facility engineers: Naoki Matsumoto

construction: Fuji Zokei

Design, Security and Function are the first imperative elements of architectures but simultaneously, we architects need to design creative space whi ch meets and exceeds our clients and societies expectations both aesthetically and logically.The space originated from the rapport of Human, Nature and othe r artifacts interconnects the society and the environment in the gradual evolving time.The coexistence of this life form is the intrinsic role of architecture to determine the state of spatial leads, the channel of light and wind, and the selection of materiality.With a sensitive and drastic posture, APOLLO is committed to delivering innovative architectures which widen perspectives and deepen insights with out being prevailed by the trend.

Satoshi Kurosaki


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