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Embracing the Passing Landscape

(头图)场地南侧的铁轨 (2M内).jpg(头图)©CPLUS


北京高碑店西店记忆园区三期H9栋建筑,由Weestar Studio与幸会潮玩两间创意机构共用。首层共享空间用于展览展示及举办各种活动,楼上两层为两家公司的办公区。


The H9 Building of FUNS iTown in Gaobeidian, Beijing, co-used by two creative organizations, Weestar Studio and XINGHUI CREATIONS. The shared space on the first floor serves for exhibitions and events, while the upper floors accommodate the offices of the two organizations.


建筑南侧外立面 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲建筑南侧外立面 ©CPLUS

▲South facade of the building ©CPLUS


Weestar独立办公室外驶过的火车 ©CPLUS.jpg▲Weestar独立办公室外驶过的火车 ©CPLUS

▲A train passing outside Weestar's independent office ©CPLUS




The south side of the building is crossed by several freight tracks, and trains passing by from time to time carry the historical memory of the park. Inspired by the "Continuous Landscape", the design attempts to break down the physical boundaries of the office space, combining the traces of industrial civilization with the busy daily work scene to create an open office environment that can stimulate imagination and flexible public spaces.

Weestar开放办公区 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲Weestar开放办公区 ©CPLUS

▲Open office of Weestar ©CPLUS

幸会潮玩开放办公区 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲幸会潮玩开放办公区 ©CPLUS


一层的展览空间 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲一层的展览空间 ©CPLUS

▲Exhibition space on the first floor ©CPLUS


Dialogue: Inside and Outside



▲Schematic of elevation modification ©CPLUS



When CPLUS took over the project, the entire building was in a rough state. According to the characteristics of the site and the needs of the client, the architects first made partial adjustments to the interface connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.



After renovation, a new open-ceilinged multi-functional area was added to the east side. The lower part of its facade was changed from a solid wall to openings, while the original window above was closed. This change in elevation ensures an abundance of light in the interior and a closer visual connection to the garden view. The low wall of the south-facing outdoor terrace has been knocked down and replaced with glass panels, allowing for an open and continuous view of the passing train and a moment of leisure.

多功能区和室外花园 ©CPLUS_1.jpg

多功能区和室外花园 ©CPLUS_2.jpg

▲多功能区和室外花园 ©CPLUS

▲Multi-functional area and outdoor garden ©CPLUS

二层户外平台 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲二层户外平台 ©CPLUS

▲Outdoor terrace on the second floor ©CPLUS


Dialogue: Vertical Spaces



The various scenes of use between floors penetrate into each other through the voids and window openings, making the interior space fluid and three-dimensional.



After removing the second-floor slab over the multi-functional area, an inner courtyard was released, forming a progressive space with outer garden. The staggered distribution of the inner courtyard and the original overhead space between the second and third floors on the west side allows people in the garden, multi-functional area and open office area to communicate with each other at different heights, and establishes a new spatial order.

二、三层间的原始挑空 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲二、三层间的原始挑空 ©CPLUS

▲Original void between the second and third floors ©CPLUS

从新增内庭望向原始挑空空间 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲从新增内庭望向原始挑空空间 ©CPLUS

▲View of the original overhead space from the new inner courtyard ©CPLUS



In addition, the multi-functional area, as the core space, is not only an extension of the gallery, but also a place for the staff to negotiate, rest and exchange ideas, where a rich variety of office scenarios unfold freely. A lightweight staircase hangs over the open office area on the second floor, serving as a convenient path for employees of the two companies, which is also visible through the inner courtyard. Three frame-like openings surround the top of the multi-functional area, which can be used as a display window for hot toy figures. People going up and down the stairs, working or reading by the window can naturally enter the frame.

连接二、三层的折板楼梯 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲连接二、三层的折板楼梯 ©CPLUS
▲Staircase connecting the second and third floors ©CPLUS

沿挑空定制的长桌 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲沿挑空定制的长桌 ©CPLUS

▲Customized long table along the overhead space ©CPLUS

内庭上方的窗洞 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲内庭上方的窗洞 ©CPLUS

▲Window openings above the inner courtyard ©CPLUS

三层榻榻米活动室 ©CPLUS.jpg

▲三层榻榻米活动室 ©CPLUS

▲Tatami Space on the third floor ©CPLUS


Dialogue: Blank-leaving



On the west facade, some window openings were blocked to match the owner's need for wall usage.The blank wall is not only used to display the changing art collections and creative designs of the two companies, but also can be flexibly arranged as a backdrop for photo shooting. A variety of works collide with the three-dimensional space, conveying the company's image and increasing brand recognition, as well as encouraging free spatial imagination in everyday use.

墙面留白 ©CPLUS_1.jpg

墙面留白 ©CPLUS_2.jpg

墙面留白 ©CPLUS_3.jpg

▲墙面留白 ©CPLUS

▲Blank-leaving ©CPLUS











Project Information

Design Firm: CPLUS
Architect in Charge: Cheng Yanchun
Project Team: Li Ping, Liu Xiaoguang, Bo Chen, Liu Jinghan
Status: Built
Dates: May-October, 2023
Location: Beijing, China
Area: 900 sq.m.
Photographs: CPLUS




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