Davide Conti Design Studio最新作品ECOWATER SYSTEMS上海办公室

设计:Davide Conti | 项目地点:上海 | 类别:办公空间 | 2023-01-11 7911 108


EcoWater Systems是一家历史悠久的美国公司,成立于1925年,以技术和创新的家居产品改善家庭用水的健康。公司上海办公室的概念位于静安区市中心,为2000平方米的空间,来自于公司的核心——水。通过水的形态,以柔和、清澈、纯净、通透为整体来表达空间视觉。

EcoWater Systems is an historical american company since 1925, improves the health of family's water with techology and innovatibe home products. The concept of the Shanghai office of the company in the city center of Jingan District, for 2000 square meter of space, come from the core of the company, the water. Throuch the form of water, soft, clear, pure and transparent as whole to express the space vision.



Inspiration by the water drops shapes, the space is designed in a less traditional way and follows aspects about water interspersed with rational continuation and inspiration rhythm, diversified office space model will bring efficient and neat work habits. We use wood and metal materials to makes the relatives corridor into a man focal point of the space. With the inspiration of water droplets shape, it was designed the reception desk, in a smaller and simples shape, giving a one on one better reception service.




The open reception area mirrors the scenary outside the window and conveys the corporate cutlure. Large-scale meeting area in insprired by the shape of flowing water, used to complese intensive training, learning, meetings, and leisure. Open space with transparent and confortable seperations, with contrast of fixed straight working desks and casual relaxing areas with a more scattered seating way, promoting a more versitile working environment and helping to maximize productivity.





The leisure meeting area located in the middle of the executive office and open office area is not only a suplly station for employees to rest, but also a convenient place for meetings. With the use of plants in a transparent glass area, it gives the space a sense of serenity and relaxation that can help conversation and collacting thougths. Spaces around also benefit from having a view from their office of nature and by being closed in glass it gives a sense of neatness and order.





地址: 上海静安区

设计团队: Davide Conti Design Studio

主创设计师: Davide Conti (意大利)

客户: EcoWater Systems

设计面积: 2000平方米( 2层 )





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