Quarta & Armando最新作品:3AM

设计:Quarta & Armando | 项目地点:佛山 | 类别:餐饮空间 | 2022-03-22 9159 72

3AM 位于中国佛山历史悠久的地区,是一家充满活力的夜间酒吧,融合了历史、工业历史和色彩,就像它所在的城市一样。

Located in a historic area of Foshan, China, 3AM is a vibrant night bar that mixes history, industrial past, and color just like the city it is in.


©Peter Dixie


3AM 横跨佛山岭南天地区一栋历史建筑的三层楼,包括临街入口大厅、带酒吧和厨房的二主楼以及三楼设有额外酒吧和 DJ 台的屋顶。建筑干预旨在保持原有的墙面与空间中几家餐厅的标志,创造一条贯穿酒吧地板的共同线。

3AM sprawls across three floors of a historic building in the Lingnan Tiandi district of Foshan, and includes a street-level entrance hall, a second main floor with bar and kitchen and a rooftop with an additional bar and DJ booth on the third floor. The architectural intervention aimed at maintaining the original wall surfaces with the marks of the several restaurants that were hosted in the space, creating a common thread that runs through the floors of the bar.


©Peter Dixie



The materials, such as steel, light tiles and glass blocks are constantly toying with natural and artificial lights that change during the day, adding visual and functional flexibility to the space.



©Peter Dixie



An example of this are the ceiling lights of the main space, designed to resemble a giant alarm clock and which, in addition to illuminating the room, can be set to create special lighting effects during night events. Neon tubes and spotlights in the rooms and on the ceiling ensure the right ambient and atmosphere.


©Peter Dixie


Quarta & Armando 专门为该项目设计的室内和室外家具在该项目中发挥了关键作用:从公共长椅的概念开始,设计师们开发了模块化钢元素,这些元素围绕空间和客户的懒散进行建模一边享受酒吧的招牌饮品,一边摆姿势。

A key role in this project is played by the interior and exterior furniture designed by Quarta & Armando exclusively for the project: starting from the concept of public benches, the designers have developed modular steel elements that are modeled around the space and the customers’ slouching postures while enjoying the bar’s signature drinks.

©Peter Dixie


On the rooftop, the floor lighting guides the visitor to enjoy the best view of the historic roofs and the greenery of the neighborhood. Here, the customized furnishings are scattered around the terrace like a green and metallic liquid poured from above and creating whimsical contrasts between fluid curves and straight lines.



©Peter Dixie



设计公司:Quarta & Armando

设计团队: Gianmaria Quarta, Michele Armando, Gu Tao

客户: Guangzhou Huajiu Technology Co., Ltd.

项目地点: 岭南新天地,15巷,佛山

建筑面积: 470㎡

完工时间: 2022年1月

摄影师: Peter Dixie / LOTAN (lo-tan.com)




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