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设计:All Design Studio | 项目地点:上海 | 类别:餐饮空间 | 2022-02-16 7940 103

后疫情时代我们的生活似乎都被按下了快进键,习惯了与时间作斗争,原本忙碌的身影变得更加繁忙,而作为设计师的我们 在思考 后疫情时代 城市或生活能否更加清洁 安静 友善与绿色,让大家疲惫的身心得到一丝慰藉与放松。

In the post-epidemic era, our lives seem to be fast-forwarded. Given the uncertainty over the future, we are accustomed to fighting against time. Our lives have become more dynamic under this circumstance. As designers, we wonder if the city or life in this era can be cleaner, quieter, friendlier, and greener, which can bring a special comfort zone for everyone.


La cour 一词源于法语,中文为后院的意思。 后院在我们脑海中似乎总与那个最熟悉的地方有关,令人放松,放下疲惫的地方。而la cour目的是打造一个“后院” 希望大家在繁忙之余,可以到熟悉的后院小憩一会儿。

The word “La cour” is originally from French and means backyard in Chinese. The backyard is treated as an intimate place in our minds---a place to relax and relieve. We hope everyone can take a break in this backyard after an exhausting day. 




应业主要求 “后院”兼备咖啡售卖与酒吧两个功能。整体空间分为两部分,咖啡售卖作为通向后院的连廊,整体空间采用饱和度不高的暖色系,打造一个阳光充足的“连廊”,通过连廊到达。

According to the owner's request, the "backyard" has both functions of cafe and bar. Our design allows the space to be divided into two parts. The overall space in the cafe area adopts a warm color with low saturation to create a bright "corridor." which acts as the connection to the backyard.




The color of materials used in the backyard area is mainly a color like red brick, coordinating with granite booths, wooden bar counters, and wells, creating a scene like being in a backyard.


The bar counter acts as the backyard's patio, anticipating bringing more sunlight and nature into the yard. The partially hollowed-out top surface allows guests to see the sky directly in the atrium, which leads to the backyard.




The walls utilize the same technique, incorporating irregular openings, patterned glass, and adjustable color lights to create a view of the sunlight in the backyard filtering through the lush trees and sprinkles on the ground.




项目名称:La cour

设计单位:All Design Studio





设计主创:梁春亮Gnial Liang


效果图:Visual Wang Studio

摄影师:  Yuuuunstudio   


Project Information

Project Name: La Cour bar & Café

Design Firm: All Design Studio

Social Media: alldesignstudio (Instagram)

Supervisor: LiQiong Mei

Completion Time: 2022

Area: 100 square meters

Project Location: 1nd Floor, No.462 Chang Le Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Design Director: Gnial Liang

Interior Designer: Jing Duan

Rendering: Visual Wang Studio

Photographer: Yuuuunstudio






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