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Hangzhou is not only a city where "beauty and humanity blend with each other", but a city where "the modern and the classical complement each other simultaneously". Years have infiltrated cities and forests. For more than 2000 years, the forests and the moon remain the same, but the architectural form changes with the times alone…



In 2019, Yilun Lianchuang International Design Team focused on Longwu, Hangzhou, a small tea town with a history of thousands of years. It is very close to the center of Hangzhou, only 40 minutes to drive away from the busy life and feel the richness and vitality of nature again.



▲Moling Rongjun Boutique Resort·Aerial photos



02. The City Reception Hall between the Mountains and the Tea Fields



After a year and a half, Moling Rongjun Resort rose in the scattered tea mountains. The overall appearance of the hotel is mainly in pure white, and it is in the shape of a three-dimensional geometry with an extended posture, just like a real version of "Monument Valley" standing in the continuous tea mountains.


▲the Facade of Building


In order to make better use of the local unique natural resources, the designer team brought "the beauty of material gesture" into full play and put the green tea garden of Longwu through the whole space to create a new life aesthetic landmark between the city and nature after carefully studying the complex relationships between humanity and nature, residence and space.



The white house at the main entrance of Rongjun is a luxury space, undertaking the functions of check-in and reception, as well as a "city reception hall" integrating book bar and fashion retail.


▲Luxury Space



The designers combine structural beauty and the sense of facade in this space with the geometric surface, the line and the arc. Not much affectation of the ultimate blank, the whole space appears light and transparent. Placing oneself in this, the fatigue disappeared inadvertently, and the indifference and peace existing in life originally stretched out elegantly.



03. Reconstructing Minimalist Aesthetics in the Flow of Light and Shadow


The flowing light and shadow are real but not easy to touch. Therefore, the designers not only considered the use of structure, but also speculate on the visual presentation of light and shadow when shaping the spatial hierarchy of the project.


▲Building 1 , Single·White Birch


▲Building 2, Single·Juniperus Chinensis


There are 24 guest rooms in Moling Rongjun Resort. Through the large area of glass inside the guest room, it not only extends the space vision, but also adds wild interest and flexibility to the space. The light infiltrates from all directions, and the natural landscape  come into the interior, making the beauty of the interior and the exterior coexist, opening all senses to feel the healing energy brought by nature!

16 (2).jpg

17 (2).jpg


▲Building 3, Single · Platanus Orientalis

18 (2).jpg

19 (2).jpg


▲Building 4, Single · Nymphaea ‘Fabiola



The flat scene is broken, the new visual tension of space is given, and the triple emotional echo of human, nature and space is connected only through the change of light source and the effect of light and shadow. With the cooperation of light and shadow, one can feel the beautiful image of nature at every moment in Rongjun, and the dull daily life will shine again.


▲Building 6, the Wild-Luxury Garden with 12 Guest Rooms



The natural light passes through the transparent white yarn, scattering on the smooth ground like cobblestone, embellished with low-saturated grey… Against the backdrop of the mountain and the tea garden, it looks beautiful and pure, as if time is fixed in this moment.



▲Building 7,VIP Single · Cedrus




As the wildest VILLA single house in the whole hotel, Cedrus uses revolving stairs as the transition and connection of the space.

The pure white revolving steps echo the living room, and the hovering posture leads the residents into the beautiful and romantic tea garden…



04.The Dwelling Philosophy of Enclosure and Bright Shining



Enclosure and Bright Shining are two opposite sides and complement each other.



The biggest particularity of Moling Rongjun project is that it appropriately grasps the open scale and ensures the good privacy of the space. Through the horizontal and vertical design technique, the designer enclosed the unique order aesthetics of the space, so as to divide the wide space in a modular way, and give each building an excellent unique landscape vision and living atmosphere.


▲Bird House


The open form increases lightness for the space and create a sense of minimalist beauty after reducing the dull feeling by transparent materials. As for the concept of "enclosure", it can be seen from the overall appearance of the project showing a winding posture that Moling Rongjun is a semi-enclosed "good living community space" distributed from left to right and extending forward.


In particular, the "Yunshu & Yunjuan flower house" is enclosed by huge glass, without any partition inside. Bring the natural scenery into the interior, and fully develop the dialogue between the building and the environment. The surrounding natural ecology not only becomes a part of the landscape, but also blurs the relationship between indoor and outdoor boundaries, breaking the functional planning of the traditional hotel in the basic accommodation space, inadvertently nourishing the physical and mental health and spirit of tourists.


▲Yunshu & Yunjuan Glass Flower House






The whole space form of Moling Rongjun Resort extends around the verdant tea garden, echoes with the nature of mountains and fields with its unique artistic temperament, arouses people's yearning for the nature, returns to the origin in the progressive process, and interprets the relationship among human, space and nature. With the community of function and aesthetics, it connects the ideal human dwelling with the beautiful present, reopens the box named "life" and focuses on life itself.


▲Night View of Rongjun



▲Swimming Pool in the Sky







摄影师 | 叶松

Project Name|Moling Rongjun Boutique Resort

Project address|Longwu, Hangzhou

Design Institute|Yilun Lianchuang International Design Team Creative design|Wei Jian

Participated in design|Gao Zhenghua, Xu Wei, Huang Rui

Photographer|Ye song



Company  Introduction



Elanlinkage International is a comprehensive professional design organization integrating planning, architecture, interior design and landscape decoration. The company provides product strategy and professional design services for brands in different industries. Elanlinkage International takes architectural space as the carrier, takes cross-border design thinking as the way, and actively dabbles in various project fields such as cultural tourism rural construction practice, urban public space, enterprise office environment, etc., dig deep into the potential value under the business logic, and devote to giving energy to life and business with creative design.



Chief Designer







Wei Jian

Founder of Yilun Lianchuang International

CEO of Mishe Culture

President of Hangzhou Architectural Decoration Society




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