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Located in Mount Xiang, Qingxi Town of Dongguan City, Yane Academy, an entrusting administrative member school of the Peking University Affiliated School Group, is hidden in the forest.  Facing Xiangshan Road to the north side, the campus is surrounded by natural hills to the east, west and south, where the unique Lingnan climate perfectly coexists with the hilly landscape.


In order to alleviate the serious shortage of K12 places in the Greater Bay Area, the campus is endowed with maximum inclusivity and adaptivity. A vision statement that "Impracticality Makes Great Use, while Ambiguity Casts Grand Forms" is proposed to embrace "Independence of Spirit and Freedom in Thinking", a faith inherited by the Peking University Affiliated School Group.  Thus, the most beautiful valley campus has been created based on six strategies of campus place making, including adaptation, escalation, connection, resilience, permeation and mutual presence.



校园鸟瞰 Campus Aerial View



规划体系 Master Plan Framework



Six Strategies of Campus Place Making 


Adaptation: In order to preserve the hilly landform, the campus buildings follow the topography to shape terraces, low and open in the center while high and private around. The total gross area of 140,000 square meters is broken up into 13 buildings, with each building small in size and shallow in depth.  The ventilation and shading strategies inherited from traditional Lingnan buildings include deep overhanging eaves, overhead ground level and loggias in air. The master plan conforms to the dominant wind direction in summer, introducing sufficient natural ventilation to lower temperature and humidity throughout the campus.



星云 The Nubula



Escalation: The buildings respond to the mountain contours in the form of terraces.  While some buildings are cladded with wood veneer shading devices, most buildings have concrete finish with the paving and metal railings in bright colors.  The color system not only creates a lifted-up imagery like valleys and hilltops, but also forms a wayfinding system across the large campus. The theater building at the main entrance, by reflecting the surrounding scenery with its mirror stainless steel cladding, “vanishes” in nature and welcomes teachers and students in a humble and elegant way.



中学部 Secondary School



校园主入口 Main Entrance of the Campus


连接:校园中央的风雨廊桥 “星云”,将教学楼、剧场、体育馆等单体建筑连为一体,避雨遮阳,并围合出大大小小的院落。星云底层架空,二层设书院,顶层则开拓出新的“地面”层供孩子们奔跑。三层均可作为操场看台,并在操场和教学楼之间形成动静缓冲区。

Connection: The circular covered bridge in the center of the campus, also called the "Nebula", connects the academic buildings, theater, gymnasiums and other buildings into an integrated system, a continuous shelter from the sun and rain, enclosing courtyards in various sizes. The nebula accommodates the school house activities on the second floor, with the huge rooftop as children’s running track. All three levels function as the audience stand for the sports field, also as a buffer between the noisy playground and the quiet academic buildings.



操场 Sports Field


小学部 Elementary School


星空剧场 Starry Amphitheater



Resilience: By employing overhead folding doors and horizontal movable partitions, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces are loose, and the buildings can be easily opened or closed based on the weather and curriculum needs. The orderly structural frames of the academic buildings endow the learning spaces with the ability of reconfiguration, which provides great flexibility for the ever-changing mix of student age groups and the evolution of curriculums. Established with the optional class system, the school has the potential to instantly increase the student capacity. This resilience enables the school to survive changes from weather, curriculums and society demands and hence organically grow.



敞廊 Loggia in Air



教学楼中庭 Atrium of Academic Building



Permeation and Mutual Presence: The design emphasizes permeation among the architecture, nature and human beings, the demarcations among which are elastic, multi-dimensional and cross-sensory.  The wind passes through the halls, the chirping of birds from distant mountains resonates in the campus, and the classmates dance next door, all culminating in a liberal and diverse daily experience, in which education is embedded. There is seldom an absolute “leading role” in the learning environment.  The space typologies are designed to promote mutual and equal presence among all the teachers and students.  This is the core spirit of education in the Peking University Affiliated School.



星云表演大厅 Performing Hall at Nebula



星云与星空剧场 Nebular and Starry Theater



星云与书院活动 Nebular & House Activities



从望山台看南侧林地 Overlook at the Forest in South



接待大厅 Reception Hall



小学低龄部内院 Early Years Courtyard



The methodology of scenic resort design has been adopted in the Yane Academy campus design, creating less dictating landscape architecture through ambiguous spaces and undulating forms,so that students feel more comfortable being "served" and go beyond limitations to explore self-directing learning and living.  This is the essence of "Impracticality Makes Great Use, while Ambiguity Casts Grand Forms"



从南侧林地看校园 Campus Viewed From Forest in the South



"Compared to other types of architecture, education architecture requires the designer with much more patience and ultimate optimistic expectations to the future.  During the design process, we have always given priority to education over architecture, and never compromised the long-term perspective when solving immediate problems.” said Xiaoyi Ma, the chief designer of Yane Academy, “While we strive to alleviate the shortage of K12 places in the Greater Bay Area, we have also created an effortless atmosphere for the campus to adapt to the future with uncertainty, and to face the mentality of “achieving more with less and quicker” in the current environment.  Rather than one size fits all, Yane Academy is born and raised in the Greater Bay where she gains her resilience and strength to grow.”






校园总平面图 Campus Master Plan








用地面积: 111,694㎡

建筑面积: 138,149㎡

设计内容: 校园规划和建筑设计

项目性质: 教育建筑,小学,初中和高中







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