David Adjaye最新设计:普林斯顿大学艺术博物馆

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普林斯顿大学艺术博物馆今天公布了其新建筑的设计,体现了灵活性、开放性和连通性,打破了参与的障碍,并邀请所有人进入。整体设计由设计建筑师Adjaye Associates的创始人Sir David Adjaye与James Steward共同设计。


The Princeton University Art Museum today revealed the design for its new building embodying flexibility, openness and connectivity to break down barriers to participation and invite entry by all. Sir David Adjaye, the design architect and founder of Adjaye Associates, presented the designs with James Steward.



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The new building design overcomes multiple historic barriers to participation, making the visual arts an essential part of the University experience for all Princeton students and an accessible home of democratic engagement for community members and visitors.



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“普林斯顿大学艺术博物馆的重建被设计成一个校园校园内, Adjaye,说,“这是一个真正的探究空间,在这里,各种实践的展览,作为知识的综合和跨文化联系的学习交织在一起,包含多种思想和人民的独特经历。”


“The reconstruction of the Princeton University Art Museum is conceived as a campus within the campus,” said Adjaye, “a space of genuine inquiry where the exhibition of diverse practices, learning as a synthesis of knowledge and cross-cultural connections weave together into a singular experience that encompasses a multiplicity of ideas and peoples.”



The new Museum will occupy three stories, featuring seven primary interlocked pavilions containing many of the building’s new galleries, interspersed with more intimate spaces that break down the scale of the whole while knitting the elements of the new building into the campus landscape.



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The design of the new building allows the Museum’s globe-spanning collections to be exhibited substantially on a single level, shaping new ways of encountering the collections, privileging ideas of cultural contact and exchange and fostering new modes of storytelling.



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这种方法将建筑和策展实践结合在一起,这在主要文化机构中是罕见的。 美术馆的馆藏数量将交替变化,以容纳博物馆丰富多样的藏品并抵抗游客的疲劳,而可见的存储元素将在博物馆的整个建筑中发挥重要作用,使策展人可以改变展示的密度,创造出既适合学者又适合于学生和一般访客的时刻。


This approach brings architecture and curatorial practice together in a manner that is rare among major cultural institutions. Galleries will alternate in volume to accommodate the Museum’s richly varied collections and to combat visitor fatigue, while elements of visible storage will feature significantly throughout the Museum building, allowing curators to vary the density of display and create moments ideally suited for scholars as well as for general visitors.



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该建筑物将取代现有设施,并将现有设施的平方英尺扩大一倍,该设施位于普林斯顿大学校园的中心位置。 建造计划于2021年开始,预计于2024年下半年开放。


The building will replace and roughly double the square footage of the existing facility, which occupies a central location on Princeton’s campus. Construction is slated to begin in 2021 with an anticipated opening in late 2024.




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