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设计:邵莉 | 项目地点:湖州 | 类别:居住空间 | 2020-08-14 9520 105


The structure of spatial language is often centered around the specific living context around it, by leading the building to grow upwards, thereby leading to a higher-order lifestyle. The design of the model room in this case blends contemporary aesthetics with the spirit of space, and interprets the modern urban fashion beauty. The four model rooms surround their positioning, combining luxury and modernity, fresh and natural Northern Europe style, elegant and fashion, pioneering and refined space, and give more vision of a better home by deconstructing the living field.



Type A in Huzhou: The combination of luxury and modernity





Enter space is purely restrained and the structure is deep

In a small world, light luxury meets modernity

Feel elegance in this silent space




The overall style of this case is luxurious and elegant, the background wall decoration is fashionable and exquisite, and it is connected with the restaurant area. Large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows reveal the fun and ornamental nature of indoor and outdoor landscapes, invisibly enhance the sense of depth and space, and reflect the natural texture of the selected materials.





A functional clothing storage system has been created in the bedroom suite, and the art paintings on the walls render the atmosphere of the space. From display to planning, from color to material, the essence of luxury, elegance and exquisiteness, all reflect the quality of life and atmosphere of the home environment.




The designer has invested sufficient design in the space planning and storage rationality of the cloakroom, and each floor arrangement has been carefully considered. The combination of wood, metal, glass and other materials exudes a high-quality atmosphere while making the entire cloakroom transparent and light.




Stepping into the bedroom, the cascading and rising crystal chandelier gathers a soft halo, condensing the vision and enhancing the rest mood. The transparent space environment, the lazy soft comfortable blanket, and the quiet atmosphere of brown and gray match express the pioneering taste of modern people.



Type B in Huzhou: Fresh and natural minimalist Nordic style





Constructing space aesthetic form and carrying multiple life styles

Carefully sort out the sequence layout and allocate comfortable taste

Feel the Nordic style in a natural atmosphere





The tone of this case is natural and fresh, with open layout. The pattern sequence extends smoothly, the leisure and dining areas are integrated, and various materials, shapes, and colors are intertwined in the space. The interior installation and the texture of the original wood-colored textures represent the mood of the space, and at the same time construct a classic dialogue that resonates with the modern era.




In the corner of the living room, artistic decorations are placed in an orderly manner, adding elegance to the space. While giving the return ceremony ritual order, it also presents the mapping and microcosm of color and texture in the entire space. Orderly staggered, smooth lines collide here from the inside out, releasing a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.





In the leisure area, elegant and quiet tones combined with art paintings, lamps, accessories and pillows create a comfortable rest environment. You can feel the taste of "elegance" soaked in the details of the space. Using lines and materials as a means of space aesthetic form, a gentle, low-key and restrained art space is constructed.




The master bedroom is spacious and comfortable. The large bay window opens up the space. The background is composed of simple and clean line elements. The light gray and green ornaments and the outdoor green plants are in harmony, which makes the space full of relief atmosphere. This gives the static space a dynamic feel.



Type C in Huzhou: calm and elegant, interpretation of fashion and new luxury










Exquisite but not complicated

Luxurious but not heavy

Gorgeous but not exaggerated

Such a design can always touch people inadvertently

Every exquisite design is full of artistic atmosphere

Create an elegant atmosphere deep into the soul

Shows the comfort of high-grade and humanized design

More in line with the aesthetic and life needs of contemporary people






The entire project is designed with a low-key blue-gray theme. The bright living room is connected to the dining room, decorated with bright orange red, combined with a gorgeous metal feeling, which makes the space rich in color and active, but without losing the chic and elegant high-quality texture.




The vibrant space contains a refreshing sense of exquisiteness, without too much complicated decoration, the combination of smart lines and soft arcs, allowing art and comfort to go hand in hand.



The design of the master bedroom is dominated by delicate and calm gray, and the space is brightened with metallic colors and highly luxurious blue accessories. The geometric background decoration of the bedside echoes with other decorative shapes, in this way, calm and fashion blend with each other, and form its own style.




The second bedroom is visually more relaxing than other spaces. The decorative painting with simple brushstrokes, the warm texture of the blanket, and the harmonious and unified overall colors interpret the simplest sense of belonging.



Type D in Huzhou: Pioneer Exquisite, Progressive Space in Modern Fashion





Break the original boundaries of life and create a pioneering fashion atmosphere

Condensing a simple life texture, constructing a delicate space

Feel the modern style in the progressive space




In this case, the integrated layout of the dining room and living room presents a progressive sense of order, which greatly improves the transparency of the vision. Using space as a carrier to redefine and balance life, break the original boundaries of life and reorganize, and at the same time strengthen the artistic expression and appeal of space. Breaking the convention, the artistic chandeliers ignited curiosity, and the wall cabinet art installation condenses the simple modern living texture.





The irregular living room chandelier breaks the rules of the space, and the combination of the warm leather sofa and the white marble tabletop form a balance of space atmosphere. The special material and geometric light circle of the background wall make the space full of artistic atmosphere. The color of the coffee table installation is eye-catching, and the collision between porcelain and metal materials complements each other effectively, effectively improving the texture of the space.





The marble dining table is combined with metal decoration, which complements the metal porcelain on the table. The shape is regular and round, with a very artistic form, which also enriches its multi-level changes in a simple space. Under the light, the tableware and green plants exude a charming halo, which gives a sense of order and flexibility to the senses and builds a sense of ceremony.




In the bedroom, the selection of accessories is mainly based on irregular and curved shapes. All materials and feelings such as colors, lines, proportions, graphics, movement, and reality are attributed to the heart. Use proportion and shape to balance the artistic sense of space and weaken the limitation of space scale. The overall tone is comfortable, calm and clean, and it conveys the charm of the space by echoing the layer and texture of the material itself.



邵 莉

唯伊汇(WYH)设计  创始人 艺术总监


Shao Li

Founder and Artistic Director of WYH Design Company

Shao Li often travels in Europe and America and is well versed in international cultural connotation, space artistic temperament and lifestyle. With a keen sense of fashion, she is good at grasping the art fashion trends, then she can provide more possibilities to her design. Based on the insight of the market supply and demand, she is familiar with different design elements, materials, furniture, and artwork. Her designs are always full of artistic elegance and humanity.



WYH Design is a comprehensive design company composed of overseas designers and architects in Shanghai. The team focuses on the interior design, soft decoration design and cross-border projects in this field. The business scope involves hotel, sales office model room, high-end residence and renovation. And the main clients includes Gemdale Group, Asia Standard, Huijian Real Estate, Huafa Group, etc.







Representative work

Shanghai Anfu Road Villa Overall Renovation

Weile Villa Office Building Overall Renovation, Tai'an Road, Shanghai

Office Building Overall Renovation of 1461 Alley, Huashan Road, Shanghai

HYGGE Sales Office and Model House, Hangzhou

Metropolis Sales Office and Model House, Huzhou



Elite Designer of the Year, China Design Annual Conference

Villa luxury Space Gold Award, GPDP Award

Annual TOP100 Most Influential Innovative Designer Award

Judge of Future Star Young Design Award





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