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如果说我们的未来会像大部分科幻片所拍摄的那样,到处充斥着灰蒙蒙的雾霾、同质化的建筑、冷冰冰的代码,相信大部分人都不会愿意前往 。因为在这样的未来,我们势必会变成城市流水线上的一个零件,却与自己的内心渐行渐远。那作为建筑师的我们,可以为未来做一些什么?

If our future will be full of gray smog, homogenized buildings, and cold codes like most of the science fiction films, I believe most of people will not be willing to go. Because we will inevitably become a part of the urban assembly line in such a future, and it is gradually away from our own heart. So what can we do for the future as architects?




As architects, we should recover the original truth and imagination to make a little change for the future. I believe that everyone will have a few toys that they can't put down when they are young, which may be a set of building blocks, a transformer, a balloon or a set of colorful plasticine. As time goes by, the toys accompany us are also changing, which may become games like hopscotch, cards, werewolf kills, or mazes, roller coasters and ocean ball parks in the playground. Although the form and size of the toys are constantly changing, the happiness that toys bring to us has never changed. Therefore, we hope to draw inspiration from toys, games and even playgrounds, so that our designed space becomes a "super toy".






"Super toy" is not a simple copy and enlargement of toys, it is to extract and apply the logic behind the toys. We think there are many similarities between the core of toys and space design, it can be summarized into three aspects. The first is a three-dimensional composition. Many toys can be seen as miniature sculptures or buildings in shape design. The well-designed toy modeling may be the medium that we earliest realize the three-dimensional beauty; The second is the storyline. Behind a toy often has its own story like a movie, which may be one of the reasons we choose a toy. When we are playing with toys, we will imagine and give them more plots.


When we are doing space design, we will also try to increase the storyline in the space through moving lines, sight lines, light and shadow, etc.; The last one is the interactive experience. Touching a button to launch a racing car, twisting a few joints to complete the transformation of transformers, and turning on a switch to rotate the carrousel, these may be the earliest interactive experiences we touch through a toy. Similarly, in the space, we will also integrate the pull, rotation, squeeze of the block, or the lights, sounds, smells and other interactive experiences into the design. When the shape of the "super toy" and the inner core are combined into a space, the visual beauty and the fun of the space experience will be magnified.


△ 不同风格形态的“超级玩具”在空间中的应用

The application of different styles and forms of utoypia


We believe that the future space should not be an immutable copy, and each space should have its own emotions, and the "super toy" is such a variant that is not limited by region and time. Under the influence of different environment, culture, history and other factors, the shape, color and material of "super toys" will change. It can appear in the city or be hidden in the field, it can be an art installation, an indoor scene, an architectural individual; It can also change the surface to become a "super toy" of different styles.



Ocean ball park


△ 海洋球乐园生成图 

Ocean Ball Park Diagram


In 2015, we just founded Update Studio. At that time, we wanted to use our own studio to make a short-term rental project, so we needed to attract more people to come here. So how? We decided to make an ocean ball park directly. We also designed the ocean balls as tickets for pre-sale in advance. As a result, the pre-sale was very successful, and we realized the ocean ball park without spending a penny. The entire studio became a white ocean. The frozen waves reflected the ocean balls vaguely. The park was full every day during the opening, and everyone who came here had a lot of fun.


△ 海洋球乐园实景图

 Photo of Ocean Ball Park




△ 布料迷宫展生成图 

Intertextile Diagram


I believe everyone has played the maze game. This time, we applied the concept of maze to an exhibition hall design. This was design for intertextile, so we converted the texture of the textile into lines, and then raised these lines into walls of different heights, at the same time, attach different colors of textile to each wall. So when people walked in this space, they didn’t think it is an textile exhibition, but more like a colorful maze. When wandered there, they could appreciate these textiles and experience the fun of maze.

△ 布料迷宫展实景图

 Photo of Intertextile



MF paint exhibition hall


△ MF涂料展厅生成图 MF paint exhibition hall Diagram


Let's take another look at the paint exhibition we designed. In order to attract different crowds, we divided the exhibition hall into 8 areas. At the same time, we put different toys into these 8 areas. In order to increase certain privacy, we enclosed these 8 areas at different heights. So when you enter this exhibition hall from a small entrance, you will be attracted by the different colors inside. The middle part is the product display area and the meeting area, and each enclosed space is painted with different colors. And different colors attract different people to come and take pictures, then they can also experience these colorful paint products.


△ 接待区 Reception Area


△ 中心吧台 Center Bar


△ 舞房 Dancing Room 


△ 直播间 Live Broadcasting Room


△ 瑜伽教室 Yoga Classroom


△ DJ房 DJ Studio


△ 设计师工作室 Designer Studio


△ 局部细节图 Detail



Huangpai Door and Window Exhibition


△ 皇派门窗展生成图

Huangpai Door and Window Exhibition Diagram


I believe everyone has played with the building block. This time we designed a door and window exhibition hall by playing with building blocks. We first reversed the site and divided four external open spaces and internal exhibition routes. We turned the door and window products into square blocks and inserted them into the exhibition hall. At the same time, we inserted another three blocks as lighting facilities inside the exhibition hall. So when we are outside, the exhibition hall looks like a pile of building blocks that interweaved together, and each block is integrated with the door and window products. And when we enter the building block, we can see the application effect of the product in the scene. The building blocks floating above also solve the interior lighting problem of the exhibition hall. When enter into the negotiation area, they also shape the internal space of the meeting area. In this exhibition hall, people seem to enter a world of building block toys, while also enjoying every exhibit in the space.

皇派门窗广州设计周-项目拍摄 (7)-小.jpg

△ 外立面 Facade

皇派门窗广州设计周-项目拍摄 (3)-小.jpg

△ 门窗打卡点 Door and Window Check Point

排版_画板 1 副本 10.png

△ 展厅内部 Interior Space of Showroom

皇派门窗广州设计周-项目拍摄 (4)-小.jpg

△ 洽谈区 Chat Area



Dolphin International Children's Home


△ 海豚国际儿童之家生成图

Dolphin International Children's Home Diagram


Finally, let's take a look at a bookstore. This bookstore is called dolphin, so we have the ocean as its theme. On the ground, we use different blue to make the ripple effect, and put an experience area and 4 big toys in this space. These toys are composed of sprays, shells, fish scales and underwater caves. So when the children enter the experience area, they seem to swim to an island. When they need a more private space, they can come inside these 4 big toys. They can choose to read a book quietly or simply enjoy their own small world here. The ceiling is fully covered with the shape of waves, like an upside-down ocean world. And the coral in the show window is not only a display shelf for goods, but also a small corner where children can sit and read.


△ 中心岛屿——玩具体验区 Central Island Toy Experience Area

海豚_画板 1 副本 14.png

△ 贝壳 鱼鳞 浪花 海底洞穴 Shells, scales, waves, sea caves

海豚_画板 1 副本 15.png

△ 上下颠倒的海洋世界 Upside Down Marine World


△ 小讲堂 Small Lecture Hall


△ 珊瑚橱窗 Coral Window


These are the "utoypia" created by us at this stage. In addition, we still have many other "utoypia" in the design process, and they are constantly enriching our design world. We hope to return to the past to find the original and simplest happiness in toys, and use this initial happiness to create a future world, a pure and happy "utoypia" world. let us go "back to the original future" together.


About Update



Design Concept The Update design adheres to the premise of maintaining its own renewal iteration, determined to integrate new things and new methods into the design, and update the city with its update concept. And make full use of the thinking of transboundary to make the work play a greater design value, economic value and social value.






Zhou You

Update design Founder &CEO

Education Background:

Bachelor of architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Master of design management, Pratt Institute, New York





Cao Liang

Update design Founder &Head of Beijing Branch

Education Background:

Bachelor of architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Master's degree, Bartlett School of architecture, London






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