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The Manna apartment has been born as a shelter for serenity and a fortress protecting from external stimuli. Calm at its core, Manna will wrap its owners with peace and softness, so the new superheroes will appear — home sapiens.


业主想给自己的家带来自豪感。Sergey Makhno回答说,乌克兰当代风格就是一切。你所需要做的就是遵循这个食谱:一点基本的极简主义,一些侘寂(wabi-sabi)的香气,数滴艺术作品和满满一汤匙的天然材料。以充满活力的家庭精神服务,享受每一件作品。


The client told us that he wants to be proud of his home. We answered that Ukrainian contemporary style is all about it. All you need to do is to follow the recipe: a bit of essential minimalism, some wabi-sabi flavor, several art drops and full tablespoons of natural materials. Serve with a vigorous family spirit, and enjoy every piece. 



厨房与客厅相连,均以木材装饰。餐桌可容纳家人,既能邀请他们一起饮茶,亦承载着所有的笑声、欢乐和对话。这款由Serhii Makhno设计的陶瓷灯KHMARA令业主与亲人远离疲劳和焦虑。

The kitchen joined the living room completing it with wood. A large dining table invites the family for the high tea, looking forward to all the laughter, joy, and honest talks. The designer ceramic lamp KHMARA by Serhii Makhno is ready to hide the loved ones from fatigue and anxiety. No rains are forecated.




By all wabi-sabi laws, there is nothing superfluous here. Designer tile TETRAPOD gives rhythm to the space, while low mattress makes this rhythm a paced one, allowing it to pause and contemplate.



浴缸和水槽是Serhii Makhno陶瓷制造商定制的,目的是为了独特的纹理的形式。宽敞的更衣室使空间更有节奏,更空灵。


The bathtub and sinks were custom-created at Serhii Makhno’s ceramic manufacturer for the sake of unique texture forms. A spacious dressing room takes on the space rhythm and makes it airier. 


Due to natural wood, the room is saturated with a sense of comfort and native home, even if you are just a guest here.



A tree trunk divides the cabinet into two adjoined zones: a working and relaxing area. As owner is an art lover, behind the chairs there is a rack for the future catches.






设计师: Serhii Makhno, Oleksandr Makhno




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