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设计:Unknown Design Studio | 项目地点:佛山 | 类别:餐饮空间 | 2020-07-02 9295 100


Find order from chaos

结构 - 秩序

Structure - Order



The project is located at Tonghua Road, Chancheng, Foshan, facing Hongye Park, the back gate of Rongshan Middle School. The location of the old city was deliberately selected. By combining the quiet environment of the community with the spatial atmosphere, it became the landscape of the activated community.


▼项目区位 Project location

▼空间概览, overview



Gotlot coffee store作为NOOK旗下的副线咖啡品牌,选址走的是亲民的路线。为了更加完美的贴合主理人的精神诉求。我们选取了Tetris作为我们本次项目的Source of inspiration。Tetris,其基本内容是通过移动、旋转和摆放游戏自动输出的各种方块来完成消除的游戏。奥妙是在拼图的过程中有“从混乱中寻找秩序”的成就感。游戏精神是希望玩家在忙碌的生活中寻求片刻放松。我们希望通过Tetris所传递出来的精神与Gotlot相契合。希望消费者能在一天忙碌的生活后,有街角一隅能享受片刻的宁静,在品尝咖啡过程中享受放松的心情。


Gotlot coffee store, as a subline coffee brand of NOOK, satisfied most of people. In order to  fit the spiritual demands of the principal. We chose Tetris as our Source of inspiration for this project. Tetris, its basic content is to complete the elimination game by moving, rotating and placing various blocks automatically output by the game. The mystery is the sense of accomplishment of "finding order from chaos" in the process of puzzles. The spirit of the game is to hope players to seek a moment of relaxation in a busy life. We hope that the spirit conveyed through Tetris is compatible with Gotlot. I hope consumers can enjoy a moment of tranquility in a corner of a street corner after a busy day of life, and relax in the process of tasting coffee.


▼ 空间概览, overview





The spatial layout of this case has limitations, with a small area and a beam in the middle. In order to weaken the blocking effect of the vertical beam on the front. We use a red clay brick material, combined with the theme to extract vertical square bars from Tetris, and use a regular arrangement to form a new contemporary facade form. The window openings adjusted on the store's facade are divided using a more modern type and deconstruction method to guide light into the store. Form a patchwork and create a more layered experience space. The indoor layered ladder hopes to simulate the scene of the old hutong street neighborhood talking on the stairs.

▼空间概览, overview





Through the division of the cubes throughout the store, through the regular arrangement of 4 basic cubes, it is integrated into the layout of the storefront and the bar partition. Seemingly chaotic, it is actually an orderly fall in chaos, coincidence, arrangement. Form an orderly sense of rhythm in chaos.


▼外立面概览,overview of facade




Street corner coffee, in a street full of alternating old and new. We hope it can be  a unique landscape. In the collision of new and old buildings, it is hoped that the energy generated by this collision itself will attract consumers to discover and observe the old and the new. As a new coffee brand, Street Corner must not only break the market's wide recognition of coffee shops, but also follow its own unique rules to provide quality services and a comfortable experience atmosphere. Everything is full of unknowns and eager to discover. We hope that the corners can be distinguished from the broadness of the market and become a new variation in the cracks of the city.

▼空间吧台细部  Space detail

▼空间细部  Space details 

▼外立面细部, Details of facade



▼外立面示意图 Facade diagram


▼爆炸图 Explosion


▼分析图 Analysis chart



The quotation is the common point of "finding order from chaos" in the process of puzzle Tetris: geometric sequence, thereby constructing spatial order.


▼平面图 Plan



项目名称:  Gotlot Coffee Store店铺设计

项目地址:  佛山禅城同华路


设计单位:  Unknown Design Studio未知设计事务所

设计时间:  2019.10-2019.11

完工时间:  2019.12

项目面积:   30平米

项目摄影:  Muji photographic studio948938470@qq.com

主要材料:   红色黏土砖、水泥漆艺术涂料、水泥仿古瓷砖

Project Name:       Gotlot Coffee Store

Project Location:     chancheng,Foshan

Design company :     Unknown Design Studio

Design area:        30 sqm

Completion time:      October 2019 - november 2019

Designed time:      Dec.2019

Photographer:       MUJI studio948938470@qq.com

Main material:       Red brick、Cement paint、ceramic tile




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