Nomadic Resorts: The Seedpod:户外野奢树屋

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“我们的目标是从不起眼的种子中汲取灵感,创造出既短暂又坚固的浮动酒店房间,让入住者感到兴奋的同事亦能安然入睡。在豆荚中睡觉本身就是一种变革性的体验–可以在人巢中过夜,您可以在那里看到您周围的野生动物的运动并听到森林的声音。'' Nomadic Resorts首席执行官Louis Thompson说道。


 “Our goal was to take inspiration from the humble seed, to create a floating hotel room that was both ephemeral and robust – comfortable but exciting to sleep in. The idea is that sleeping in the pod, is a transformative experience in its own right – a chance to spend a night in a human nest where you can see the movement of the wildlife around you and hear the sounds of the forest’’ Louis Thompson, CEO of Nomadic Resorts say.


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Seedpod是屡获殊荣的酒店设计公司Nomadic Resorts的最新树屋举措。吊舱已被设计为弹出式度假胜地概念,使旅行者可以从城市中逃脱,并保持在卫生清洁的环境中,而不必担心潜在的病毒感染,使客人可以在户外睡觉并与大自然重新联系,而不会损害他们的生物舒适度。


The Seedpod is the latest treehouse initiative from award winning hospitality design company Nomadic Resorts.  The pods have been developed as a pop-up resort concept to allow travellers to escape from the city and stay in a hygienic, clean environment without worrying about potential viral infection,for guests to sleep outdoors and reconnect with Mother Nature without compromising their creature comforts.


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对于Nomadic Resorts而言,他们希望通过设计新一代的帐篷营地来掀起酒店业革命。

At Nomadic Resorts, they want to create a hospitality revolution by designing a new generation of tented camps.

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Louis Thompson补充说:“最近的危机改变了整个待客之道。我们的团队一直在努力寻找我们开发的场地与客人的舒适度之间的共生,和谐的关系。为了实现这一目标,我们需要在耐用性和可持续性,环境完整性,个人卫生和宾客舒适度之间找到折衷方案–尺寸是一项重要的考虑因素,因为我们需要创建一种与新的低接触经济和社会疏远规定相对应的概念–Seedpod由易于清洁的卫生材料制成,与传统的酒店客房相比,可以快速,轻松地进行消毒。”


Louis Thompson added “The recent crisis has changed the whole notion of hospitality. Our team has been striving to find a symbiotic, harmonious relationship between the sites we develop and the comfort of our guests. To achieve that we needed to find a compromise between durability and sustainability, environmental integrity, personal hygiene and guest comfort – size was an important consideration, as we needed to create a concept that corresponds with the new low-touch economy and social distancing regulations – the Seedpod is made from easily cleaned, hygienic materials and can be quickly and easily disinfected compared to a traditional hotel room ”


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The pod can be erected on its own optional tripod and equipped with lighting, a ceiling fan, a cool box and a charging station for devices making it an ideal option for hiking trails, surf camps or silent safaris.



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创意总监Olav Bruin称:“种子本身具有无限的潜力,因此我们创造了一种多功能的内饰,可以轻松地从白天的座位安排转换为晚上的睡眠安排。这样,我们就可以利用相对紧凑空间的全部潜力。 Seedpods可以配有带淋浴,卫生间,洗脸池和衣柜的设备完善的弹出式浴室,以提供最时尚的自然回归露营体验。在未来的几年中,我们希望看到我们的种子荚家族使用竹子和天然建筑材料来适应,扩展和进化。”


“Seeds, by their very nature, are full of potential” claims Creative Director Olav Bruin “so we created a multifunctional interior that can easily be converted from a seating arrangement during the day into a sleeping arrangement during the night. This way we are utilizing the full potential of the relatively compact space. The Seedpods can be accompanied by a fully equipped pop-up bathroom with shower, toilet, washbasin and wardrobe to complete the ultimate back to nature camping experience in style. Over the coming years we hope to see our seedpod family adapt, expand and evolve using bamboo and natural building materials.”

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