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“坐月子”是东方社会的习俗, 孕妇在懐胎十月, 新生命诞生后, 需一个月充分休息调养; 进入现代社会, 相关专业机构-“産后护理家”因应而生, 让孕妇在产后在此可获得专业妥善照顾; 新生儿也可在此得到呵护!

Month-long postpartum care is a time-honored and uniquely Chinese tradition.  After months of pregnancy and childbirth, the new mothers need one month to fully recuperate with special diet as according to the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine.  In modern society, there is a growth of postpartum care centers catering to this need, allowing new mothers and their babies to receive expert care.


品牌名称“元气御守”的由来: 以御守与襁褓结合, 代表对新生儿的呵护; 以鲜明黄色代表朝气与阳光, 如新生儿的元气!

The meaning of the brand name "Genki Omamori" is the protection of the pure spirit, signifying the care of the infant.  The bright yellow color represents the vibrancy of the sunshine, similar to the vigor of the new born life.


Site Analysis:

位在台北市中心, 基地面窄而深, 建筑物被塑成窄长而高的型体, 楼高十三层; 平面配置上, 电梯逃生梯及梯廰, 安排于机构大楼中间, 以求平面动线最有效率化; 机构核心-宝宝呵护区, 配置集中在大楼的中间楼层, 以专属电梯连通, 方便分别照护低楼层及高楼层宝宝, 以求得垂直动线最佳效率; 入口植生墙, 各楼层前后阳台, 梯厅侧面窗边是绿意, 是大楼呼吸的空间。

The site is located in central Taipei, with a narrow street facade and elongated depth.  Conforming to the particular shape, the building is tall and narrow with 13 stories.  To maximize the efficiency of the horizontal movement flow, elevator well and stair case are placed in he center of the floor plan.  Whereas the vertical movement efficiency is enhanced by placing the Newborn Care Area in the mid-section floors of the building, connected by a dedicated elevator exclusively servicing these floors.  As the breathing room of the building, green foliage can be found at the entrance's living wall, patios at every floor, and side windows.



Entrance Image Area:



以双手呵护(新生儿 newborn)的手势, 如同”御守”象征的守护


A living wall completely covered by plants represents the the "Genki", the vitality.  The gesture of hands gently holding conveys "Omamori", protection.

以绿色和呵护的手势造型诠释”元气御守”的品牌名称, 仿彿在清新朝气而自然的环境里, 给予新生儿和孕妇满满的呵护!!!

Using the color green and the gesture design to interpret "Genki Omamori" represents the care provided for the new mothers and newborns in a clean, healthy, and natural environment.



Newborn Care Area:

依大楼平面配置将入住流程成两大区; 评估, 观察是宝宝入住的第一步骤, 在同一区; 另一区是婴儿房, 以一车一位独立安排, 责任照顾; 空间以顔色表现, 纯白的空间呈现对洁静环境的最高要求; 不同顔色地坪铺面定义不同区块; 从品牌标准色而来的黄色, 勾勒出空间的线条; 或是转化成御守图腾贴附于婴儿室天花, 给予满满的呵护!

The area is divided into 2 distinctive areas according to intended functions.  The first is for evaluation and observation of the babies as part of the checking in process.  The second is the sleeping section for babies, each with his or her own crib for dedicated care by trained special nurses.The space is expressed through the the pure white space, as the highest standard for a clean and pure environment.  Using the various floor colors to identify different areas, the brand color of yellow to outline the space, and the abstract image derived from the hand gestures on the ceiling, the ambiance exudes unlimited care for the new life.




Idea Conversion:

脐带是母体与胎儿的连结, 脐带如同一条输送带, 把胎儿所有需要的养分从母体胎盘传输给胎儿; 于是“脐带连结” 成为月子中心在空间, 服务, 照顾流程各方面的概念来源

The umbilical cord is the essential connection, transferring all the necessary nutrients from the mother through the placenta to the fetus.  Hence, the "the umbilical connection" is the inspiration of the theme of Genki House, representing the service and care it provides to both the new borns and the mothers.


宝宝呵护区 : 专属娃娃车与车位, 与中岛呵护区, 透过医护人员的照顾形成连结

宝宝呵护区/妈妈休养区 : 宝宝透过专属电梯移动, 透过录像设备传输影像形成连结

妈妈休养区 : 结合泡奶功能的中岛枱面石材, 以线条形式延展至床头, 创造连结意像


Newborn Care Area:

Baby strollers in the exclusive parking area are connected to the center island care area by the care provided by the nursing staff.

Newborn Care Area/Mother Recuperation Area:

Babies are transported through the exclusive elevator while mothers can still connected through surveillance camera.  Bridging the milk preparation center island and headboard, the extension of line creates the connection of various symbols of Genki House.





Mother Recuperation Area:

大楼前后临窗处是妈妈休养房间, 都有阳台, 绿意环绕; 洗手枱结合泡奶功能的弧形中岛区是房间的核心, 中岛枱面石材以线条形式延展至床头, 仿佛母婴脐带相连的意象; 天花造型也以弧形呼应柔化空间线条, 弧形床头背墙以不同粉嫩色圭藻土涂抹出不同肌里; 户外阳台的绿意围绕室内, 形成空间视觉端景, 也提供妈妈产后有一舒缓且具疗愈感的休养空间!

Space adjacent to windows and patios is specifically designated as mother recuperation area.

The focus of the room is the oval island that functions as hand sink and milk preparation area.  The stone material is extended from the island in a line to the headboard or the sitting area, channels the image of the connection between mother and baby through the umbilical cord.  The elliptical design of the ceiling mirrors the soft line of the space while the arc of the wall behind the headboard is treated with a pastel algae plaster to give a different texture.  The greenery seeping in through the balcony completes the perspective horizon, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.




Let the mom and her baby embark on their first trip together here!



业主名称: 元气御守产后护理家

设计单位: 创研空间

施工单位: 展宜建筑


桦木夹板, 实木皮染色, 葡萄牙沃克板, 美耐板, 德国凯恩矿物涂料, 立邦全效静味涂料, 日本圭藻土, 进口壁纸, 伯爵石, 阿曼灰石材, 人造石, 花岗石, 意大利Agglotech水磨石, 铁件烤漆, 六角砖, 西班牙地砖, 高亮釉砖, 德国Kronotex超耐磨木地板, 比利时2tec2地毯, 医疗级阿姆斯壮环保地材, 清玻璃, 氟酸玻璃

空间面积: B1F-13F 总计2450 米平方


创研空间 Create+Think Design Studio



Create+Think Design Studio

2005年成立于台北,由总监何俊宏Arthur Ho带领的国际资深团队.

Arthur 毕业于纽约相当著名的普瑞特设计学院Pratt Institute室内设计系, 


后在纽约Naomi Leff and Associates. Inc.

与Gene Kaufman Architect P.C.等顶尖室内设计公司任职与各国设计师合作.以现代艺术与视觉美学为出发的室内设计涵养与国际的视野创立了创研空间国际


德国红点设计奖金奖Best of the Best

德国German Design Awards

意大利A Design Award金银铜铁大满贯

美国Ida Award

美国建筑奖Architizer A+

日本Ggood Design

德国iconic awards



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