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The PINWAY Café is attached to the entire 4,000-square-meter PINWAY Fashion School, offering floral, coffee, and decoration design. For such a composite space, the designer's concept for this 200 square café is to provide a piece of creative white paper. The white tone, the black line is the flowing ink, let the space flowing. 


“People look at people is the most interesting thing.” Designers have made the space rich in layers by raising and digging. The resulting multi-level height allows people on different level have a interesting relationship between other.



The black round tube is curved in the same way as a brush flowing in space, and is presented in different forms such as lamps, guardrails, and tables.




Extremely restrained materials are not designed to cater to the minimalist style, but to provide more space for creative students in the space. This space is a coffee space, a small theater, a place to share activities, and a place to work...

The blank is for the infinite possibilities of the latter.







Company Profile

SOVAKE Design Consulting Co., founded by Ms. Wu Jingzhi and Mr. Deng Yunsheng in early 2019,

It is a diversified research-based design consulting company based in Shanghai, China, radiating across the country and Asia.

With a business thinking and artistic design team, from the perspective of the brand side, we provide customers with a full range of brand services from VI to SI to art content.

Adhere to the design philosophy of the integration of art space and business benefits.



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