I.F.S.E. SPACE CREATIVE LAB:上海pidan品牌体验店设计

设计:I.F.S.E. SPACE CREATIVE | 项目地点:上海 | 类别:商业空间 | 2019-01-18 7875 98



This once the first slaughterhouse in the Far East, where countless lives were got killed, it is fascinating but attracts a lot of tourists. It’s founded in 1933, created by Balfours and completed by the the Yuhongji Construction Plant famous in Shanghai. The whole building is with square outside and round inside, it’s high and low scattered ,with flat slab floor and loop gallery. The layout is like a labyrinth but the space is in order. “It is a model of the perfect combination of architectural art and production technology”. Today, this building has become a famous cultural and creative industry center in Shanghai.



Respecting the tens of thousands of animal souls, we are always looking for a way to have a commemorative architecture, trying to make an icy building to echo the concrete, and to arouse the painful memories and facts of killing animals because of lust.



The space is named "Animal Backbone", as its name implies, like a huge animal rises slowly from the ground, the backbone is exposed above the horizontal of the building.The stainless steel "animal backbone" is filled with 480,000 holes, using huge numbers to express the damage to the animal and the soul which is slaughtered and no place for sorrow, and it’s symbolizing that bearing the burden of history with the animal.



On the other side of the commemorative space, it wants to bring more thinking about the harmonious symbiosis between humans and animals. The meaning of the symbiotic space "animal backbone" is to bear the burden of history with the animal, Pursuing humans and animals how to better live in harmony in the historical environment and share the wonderful experience brought by this city. Pidan proposed the concept of stray animal adoption, providing long-term supply of food for the stray cats and dogs in the 1933 old field.



Regarding the design process, a narrative story was implanted when space was not yet characterized. Starting from the walking track of a cat, the inner space and the outer space in the space are divided, and the basic functions in the living state are divided by a circle. In such a space, there are doors, windows can ability to peep and observe the inside and outside. And in inside, there are living rooms, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., which form the scene elements of life and form a bubble map.



Humans and animals have different scales, trajectories, and behaviors. The two scales are redefined within the space, and the action trajectory is changed from invisible to tangible. The behavior of them is studied and ordered, and specified the fuzzy boundaries and flexible spatial structure. When the animal backbone floats from surface ,we found that it has commemorative, story, functional, unknown, and possibility with all the problems solved in a seemingly simple way.



“Windowless”—the external space constitutes a whole large window,which makes people feel the atmosphere between it and the temperament of the 1933, directly and full of imagination. Strengthen the architectural language, weaken the window display, space is the building, space is the window, the relationship between space and animals is more harmonious and humorous.



“"Scenarized space ”—When entering the interior space, the space is mirrored out of another negative space by the large-area glass, which magnified the illusion of the narrow space illusory. As the other side of the space, it causes the confusion and reflection about the internal and external relations again. Pidan's "special staff" will also occasionally be a guest service staff, allowing shoppers to enjoy the fun of living with animals directly.



  “叙述性策略”——通过叙述性故事的发展与推理下而得出凹凸和起伏关系, 我们做的只是将整个线条走势梳理得更加顺畅与美观。金属与混凝土不锈钢的结合,搭建出一个线与面交错、虚与实交融、人与动物交互的新零售空间,打造人与动物共生的纪念性建筑,历史赋予的沉重感不再是拘束想象的存在。

"Narrative strategy" - through the development and reasoning of narrative stories, we get the relationship between bumps and undulations. What we do is to make the trend of the whole line is more smooth and beautiful. The combination of metal and concrete stainless steel creates a new retail space with interlaced lines and surfaces, integrated virtual and real integration, and interacted between human and animals to make a monumental building of symbiosis between human and animal. The heaviness endowed of history is no longer restricts the existence of imagination.



  “空间魔术化”—— 空间在成长的过程中,人们会对空间陈列进行提问,其实整个金属板上的小孔洞,其内部暗藏的卡槽,通过卡件后放置的亚克力板,用于展示各种动物生活产品,让人们可以根据需求给予宠物更好的心灵慰藉,营造美好宠物生活。空间可以按功能去进行变化,可以是一个纪念性空间,一个动物生活空间,一个活动发布会的现场等。

" Magic Space" - When space is in the process of growth, people will ask questions about space display. Actually , small holes in the entire metal plate, internal hidden the card slot, through the acrylic plate placed behind the card, used to displaying a variety of animal life products, and people can give pets a better spiritual comfort according to demand to create a better pet life. Space can be changed according to function. It can be a monumental space, an animal living space, an event launching site, etc.




The whole project was initially thought to be shared by people and animals. Both of them live in the urban space, and they have their own interactive space and interactive space. The animal behavior is implanted into the space design, and in the premise, satisfy the function , through the simplest processing method to provide a platform to assist the Pidan's brand and ideas.




Thanks to the history and Pidan for making a better life between human and animals.



项目名称 l  PROJECT NAME:动物脊背 The Animal Backbone


主案设计 l  CASE DESIGNER:朱啸尘(Eason Zhu) 凌宗生(Alex Lin)

设计团队 l  DESIGN TEAM:柴尔焕(Erhuan Chai)  卢黔兰(Qianlan Lu) 蒋冠航(Guanhang Jiang )


项目规模 l  PROJECT SCALE:100m2

施工单位 l  CONSTRUCTION:杭州艾丽蒙特工程有限公司 Hangzhou Element Engineering Co. Ltd. 

项目摄影 l  PROJECT PHOTOGRAPHY:施峥(Zheng Shi)


项目地址 l  PROJECT ADDRESS:上海1933老场坊(1933 Shanghai)



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