David Chipperfield Architects:苏黎世美术馆扩建设计

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  苏黎世美术馆由瑞士建筑师Karl Moser设计,建于1904年至1910年间,位于苏黎世市中心的Heimplatz广场。现有的博物馆将在广场的另一侧扩建,由David Chipperfield Architects Berlin设计。扩建以后将展出一系列经典现代主义,Bührle系列,临时展览和从20世纪60年代开始的当代艺术收藏。

The Kunsthaus Zürich, designed by the Swiss architect Karl Moser, was built between 1904 and 1910 and is situated on Heimplatz, a square in Zurich’s city centre. The existing museum is to be expanded with a new building on the opposite side of the square, designed by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin. The new extension will display a collection of classic modernism, the Bührle Collection, temporary exhibitions and a contemporary art collection starting from the 1960s. 


Together with the Schauspielhaus (theatre) on the eastern side of the square, the museum buildings will form a ‘gateway to the arts’, an urban entry to the education mile leading to the university buildings to the north.


The urban concept envisages the placement of a clear geometric volume on the north edge of the square, resulting in the definition of two new public spaces – an urban square framed by architecture to the south and the art garden acting as a natural counterpoint to the north. A publicly accessible hall, which spans the full length of the building, creates a link between these two new urban spaces. The large entrances facing the square and garden create a strong relationship with the surrounding city, while large windows on all sides of the building strengthen this connection. 


The façade of the extension is determined by traditional stone façades, which can be found in the existing museum as well as other significant, public buildings in Zurich.Slender pilaster strips placed at regular intervals and the sawn limestone surface interweave tradition with the present and embed the building in its urban context.

  该建筑的平面图基于“house of rooms”的想法。所有公共设施,如咖啡厅、酒吧、活动大厅、博物馆商店和教育服务,都安排在中央入口大厅的一楼。从花园和Heimplatz到公众可以进入大厅,为广场注入新的活力。两个较高的楼层保留用于展示艺术品,展览空间形成一系列不同大小的房间。日光从一楼的侧面进入建筑物,并通过二楼的天窗开口进入到里边,从而为游客提供时间以及空间概念。

The floor plan of the building is based on the idea of a ‘house of rooms’. All public facilities, such as café / bar, event hall, museum shop and education services, are arranged at ground floor level around the central entrance hall. The hall is accessible to the public from both the garden and Heimplatz, breathing new life into the square. The two upper floors are reserved for the display of art, with the exhibition spaces forming a sequence of rooms of varying size. Daylight enters the building from the side on the first floor and through skylight openings on the second floor, giving the visitor orientation in terms of both time and space.

项目名称:Kunsthaus Zürich苏黎世美术馆

设计单位:David Chipperfield Architects

合伙人:David Chipperfield, Christoph Felger, Harald Muller


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