Tom Dixon:格林威治新水疗空间设计

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  格林威治半岛(Greenwich Peninsula),一个正在兴起新的社区,这是伦敦东南部占地150英亩的开发项目,它将英国首都的这一部分转变为一个充满活力的新型综合用途区。因此,这种开创性的场所制作应该在其产品中具有关键的开创性。位于上河滨2号的新水疗空间‘Renew'展示了Tom Dixon在住宅环境中的室内设计首次亮相。

New neighbourhoods are emerging at Greenwich Peninsula, the 150-acre development in south-east London, transforming this part of the British capital into a new vibrant mixed-use district. So, it seems fitting that this kind of pioneering placemaking should feature a key ‘first’ among its offerings. ‘Renew’, the new spa space located at No. 2 Upper Riverside, showcases Tom Dixon’s interior design debut within a residential context.


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  水疗中心坐落在Upper Riverside的五栋住宅楼的第二层屋顶上 - Dixon还拥有引人注目的阁楼式家居室内设计。它包括一个游泳池,蒸汽浴室,两个最先进的健身房和一个锻炼的露台,或坐下来放松,冥想和反思,同时欣赏伦敦天际线的远景。

The spa sits on the rooftop of the second of Upper Riverside’s five residential buildings – which also feature striking loft-like domestic interiors by Dixon. It includes a pool, steam room, two state-of-the-art gyms and a terrace for exercising, or sitting back to relax, meditate and reflect, while taking in the long views of the London skyline beyond.

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Dixon drew inspiration from raw and industrial materials, which he masterfully juxtaposed with warm timber and colour accents. Focal points add playfulness and include a passivated metal reception desk created through the chemical process of electroplating. The robust materials hint to British craft and the history of the area with stone and metal present, the latter in features such as blackened steel doors. The pool area features a stepped ceiling that reflects the water’s outline and helps create a sense of space.

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‘With a growing emphasis on wellness, I wanted to create a space that would enhance residents’ day to day lifestyle and motivate them to achieve their goals and feel their best’, says Dixon. ‘Renew Floor is a relaxed space where residents can meet likeminded people, creating a wellness community within the neighbourhood.’ 


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设计师:Tom Dixon


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