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  Katie Earl和Emma创立的伦敦室内设计工作室 No.12 刚刚完成了位于伦敦Gasholders的一个住宅开发项目,两间公寓设计。

No.12, the London-based interior design practice founded by Katie Earl and Emma Rayner, has just completed work on the interior design of a two- and a three-bedroom apartment at Gasholders London.


  对于1,555平方英尺的三号公寓团队设计打造了一个线条简明的空间。 设想主人是一个精致的旅行者、收藏家、收集美术、雕塑和物品。

For the 1,555 sq. ft., three-bedroom apartment No.12 devised a pared-back and distinctlymasculine design. No.12 envisaged the owner as a well-travelled collector with a refined collection of fine art, sculptures and objects.




A bespoke velvet bench located in the entrance vestibule is tailored to suit the curve of the circular building, while desaturated green and blue tones run consistently throughout the apartment making a link to the beautiful views of Regent’s Canal.



  King's Cross酒店的位置以古董火车票结构为参考, 其他更意想不到的物品还包括一个不起眼的古老的中国骨灰盒,这是一个公寓里最珍贵的部分。

The King’s Cross location is referenced through framed antique original railway tickets.Other more unexpected items include an unassuming antique Chinese urn, which is one of the most expensive pieces in the apartment.



  对于12号用餐区,我们通过设计师兼制造商Tom Faulkner推出了一系列英国家具定制的椅子,采用单色狗牙织物装饰来自Pierre Frey。以英国传统为主题的雕塑吊灯餐桌上方,是备受人们喜爱的塞浦路斯设计师Michael Anastassiades的作品。

For the dining area No.12 introduced a selection of custom-made chairs by British furniture designer and manufacturer Tom Faulkner, upholstered in monochrome dog-tooth fabric from Pierre Frey. Continuing the theme of British heritage, the sculptural pendant lighting above the dining table is by much-loved British / Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades.



  950平方英尺的两居室公寓的设计提供的是一个温暖的空间, 与三居室住宅相对应,拥有大胆的雕塑作品好似一个色调柔和的调色板,包括烧焦的橙色,铁锈色和不饱和红色。

The design of the 950 sq. ft., two-bedroom apartment, provides a purposefully warmer counterpart to the three-bedroom residence and features bold sculptural pieces and a softer palette of burned orange, rust tones and desaturated reds.


  这种对比为潜在买家提供了另一种选择,帮助他们在装饰他们的公寓上产生不同方法。早晨当太阳升起时,公寓里充满了阳光 ,室内一天的充沛自然光线 ,为设计团队提供了灵感之一。很多定制家具和精心挑选的物品就像被编织在一起一样反映出来 ,买家可以更清晰地感知这种细腻的生活方式。

This contrast creates an alternative option to would-be buyers to help them envisage a different approach to decorating their apartment. The apartment is flooded with morning sun and looks truly golden as the sun rises and the natural light that plays into the space throughout the day was one of the inspirations behind No.12’s design. As before, many custom-made furniture items and carefully curated objects have been woven in to reflect the perceived lifestyle and taste palette of the would-be buyer.




The design is sympathetic to the circularity of the building and features a bespoke dining table designed in an organically curved shape to work with the interior architecture whilst proving the feasibility of optimum seating.



The master bedroom has a tonal palette of white on white, which illustrates that colour when used minimally can still be bold. The headboard is a bespoke curve design and makes full use of the available space in order to maximise the depth of the room.



  在公共区域内可以看到到定制的形似碎片的 Gasholders地砖,包括在入口大厅的雕塑底座,以及引人注目的红葡萄酒深绒绒'北极熊椅',这些设计细节相结合,为居民和客人提供品质生活的终极体验。



Bespoke pieces can be observed within the public spaces and common areas of Gasholders, including monolithic sculptural plinths in the entrance lobby which are offset by a striking claret red deep pile velvet ‘polar bear chair’, these design details combine to provide the ultimate welcome to luxury living for residents and their guests.

The felt artwork hanging in the entrance lobby adjacent to a grand spiral staircase is bespoke and consists of ‘three’ suspended pieces with concentric circular forms woven into the pattern. Taking such a central position in the building, the artwork respects the enigmatic architecture while offering a soft yet still synergised element to the interior.



  在大厅入口处之外,有一个安静且光线充足的商务休息室,使居民能够灵活地使用他们在家中的极佳工作空间 。

Beyond the entrance lobby, lies a calm, light-flooded business lounge with an array of

working spaces giving residents flexibility to determine their best work spot in a home-from-

home style space.



  放映室或许是整个空间设计的亮点,具有戏剧性、沉浸式的内饰,墨蓝、深绿色好像'鱿鱼墨水'般泼在墙壁、地板和天花板上。切- 桩地毯有助于提供声学和电影体验。

The screening room, a jewel of a space within the heart of the building, offers a dramatic immersive interior, with a blue/green ‘squid ink’ colouring to walls, floor and ceiling. Cut-pile carpets aid the acoustic and cinematic experience.



Dyed-to-match custom wall panelling in a perforated faux suede echoes the architectural design of the perforated steel and brass shutters that veil the building,maintaining design consistency through to the most detailed iteration.


  娱乐套件中其他区域的设计也对常规提出了挑战,通过交换传统的绿色,为经典设计提供现代风格。 baize台球桌采用了黑色毛毡。

The design of other areas in the entertainment suite also challenges convention and provides a contemporary twist on a classic design by exchanging the traditional green baize pool table top for one in black felt.




Along with the decorative furniture No.12 advised on space planning and layout of the fixed dining and seating areas to create a welcoming and comfortable residents’roof garden. The planters were hand-selected from an East London antiques dealer to combine contemporary with classic, adding variance and diversity to the design.

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