Sid Lee Architecture:蒙特利尔W酒店顶级套房改造设计

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  Sid Lee Architecture最近与业主IvanhoéCambridge和W酒店运营商合作,完成了蒙特利尔W酒店三个Extreme WOW套房的改造。蒙特利尔W酒店位于蒙特利尔的国际区中心,坐落于历史悠长的加拿大银行大楼内。是一家集时尚、精致、有趣为一体的豪华酒店,并始终关注设计,时尚和音乐的最新趋势。

Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with owner Ivanhoé Cambridge and operator Hôtel W Montréal, recently completed the transformation of three Extreme WOW Suites at the W Montréal.Located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier International, in the historic Bank of Canada building, the W Montréal is a luxury hotel with a hip identity, sophisticated yet fun-loving, and always tuned in to the latest trends in design, fashion and music.

  近期的翻新为WOW 套房1001、1012和1013革新了面貌。套房现拥有博物馆风格的装饰,其灵感来自于蒙特利尔的文化标志,其中包含经过重新审视的历史文物,这些文物恰如其分地陈设在酒店之中。就像聚集在一起讲述了一个因其传统而自豪的前瞻性城市的故事。

The recent renovation project provided an opportunity to revitalize WOW Suites 1001, 1012 and 1013. The suites now boast museum-style décor inspired by Montreal’s cultural icons, featuring revisited artifacts that have been adapted to the hotel context. Together, the objects tell the story of a forward-thinking city that takes pride in its heritage.


  套房 1001是三间客房中最宽敞的,也是这个概念的典范:用餐区和Habitat酒吧借用了Habitat 67公寓大楼的解构形状;中央地毯和书柜使人联想Villa-Maria地铁站;电影院角落的地毯闪烁着夏日的烟火;床上的枝形吊灯具有密集的几何结构,;床上的天然毛皮靠垫是对毛皮贸易在这座城市历史中的关键角色的致敬;而这些艺术品反映了这座城市不拘一格,新潮前卫的艺术革命运动。

 Suite 1001 is the most spacious of the three rooms, and a fine example of the concept: the dining area and Habitat bar borrow the deconstructed shapes of the Habitat 67 apartment complex; the central rug and bookcase evoke Villa-Maria metro station; the rug in the cinema corner glimmers with summer fireworks; the chandelier over the bed has a dense geometric structure reminiscent of the Biosphere; the natural-fur cushions on the bed pay tribute to the fur trade’s key role in the city’s history; and the artworks reflect the city’s eclectic, avant-garde art movements.


The rooms were completely revamped to embody the W brand’s colourful philosophy. The space is multifunctional, modular and reconfigurable. All furniture is custom-designed to make it possible to completely free the space of furnishings. When that is done, the space becomes a large, 100% customizable room centered on a spectacular panoramic view of the city.



 Suite 1001 is a destination with many possible uses, from exclusive getaways to private events such as business meetings, product launches, parties or fashion shows.The suite has a large circular screen and a projector to be used however guests wish. It also features a pantry and service entrance for catered events.


Suites 1012 and 1013 will be photographed soon in warm summer light. Their colourful stained-glass art will cast spectacular reflected patterns, creating a unique look. Stay tuned.

Completion date: February 2017

Floor space: +/- 1105 sq. ft. + patio

Interior design: Sid Lee Architecture

General contractor: QMD

MEP engineer: Carbonic

Custom furniture: JSP


占地面积:+/- 1105平方英尺+庭院

室内设计:Sid Lee Architecture





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