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九溪 云栖





 Jiuxi cloud habitat

 Perching clouds here

 Rest on the cloud, quiet and warm

 Hangzhou [ Qiyun resort hotel ] is the dream boutique hotel built based on this concept.

 Perched clouds are located at the entrance of jiuxi 18 Jian scenic spot, at the foot of the quiet wuyun mountain.



 The whole building was reconstructed from an old residential building. at the beginning of the reconstruction, the original brick bearing structure was removed, only the original facade was retained, and the space was re-integrated with steel structure.  While preserving the original architectural features, it also increases the space span, reconstructs the continuous public space, makes up for the drawbacks of the narrow indoor space, and improves the space quality.



Interior design removes complicated decorative elements, and minimalist and light industrial style design permeates every corner.

  设计采用了未经加工的天然褐色原木及灰色砌砖来营造温馨怡人的原始氛围。 安静、私密和精致,仅有的5间客房,被赋予不同风格的空间设计,家具选用HAY吱音 梵几 木智工坊等国内外知名设计师品牌。酒店整体呈现简约的现代禅意风格,明快温馨的主色调,粗犷肌理的石材、手工质感的漆面、黑色系的木头、适度的钢架结构、全实木的家具,再加上棉麻的窗帘、羊毛的地毯、密织埃及棉的床上用品,冷峻和温暖的相辅相成。

The design uses unprocessed natural brown logs and gray bricklaying to create a warm and pleasant original atmosphere.  Quiet, private and exquisite, the only five guest rooms are given different styles of space design. the furniture is made up of famous domestic and foreign designer brands such as hay creaking, Sanskrit wood and wisdom workshops.  The hotel presents a simple modern Zen style, lively and warm main color, rough texture of stone, hand-made paint, black wood, moderate steel frame structure, all solid wood furniture, plus cotton and linen curtains, wool carpets and tightly woven Egyptian cotton bedding, which complement each other with cold and warm. 


 A quiet shelter by a stream that can rest and rest and isolate complicated city life.



A large area of ground glass was used in the renovation of the facade, allowing the entire primitive architecture to grow harmoniously in the modern sense. 


 On the first floor, folding slide glass doors were used. stone paving extended to the lobby. when the door was opened, the lobby and courtyard were integrated.  Introducing natural light into the room gives the space a transparent feeling.  The indoor area extends from indoor to outdoor, and the lush trees planted around also provide natural shade shelters for diners who eat in the courtyard.





In the courtyard of the independent cabin, the front-end water bar provides beverage service, and the back is a functional space for cleaning and disinfecting the guest room linen.




The roof part retains the original wood frame structure and combines with the movable folding arm window to create a semi-open space to provide food and drink.The corner of the courtyard remained until the cherry trees stood against the wall.  The iron frame on the rammed earth wall is surrounded by bamboo strips, which separates the disturbance of the periphery and can also enjoy a quiet place in the downtown.





The front desk uses a cold grey mechanism wall surface and warm primary color wood to echo each other from afar. the open and closed circuit and the exposed air conditioner tuyere are not decorated too much.



The tea room area uses the old wooden table top, dense tea atmosphere, slim and elegant scaffolding covered with ethereal white gauze curtains, adding a wonderful amount of money to the space, elegant brass lamps ( from futa gami ), plain and elegant pure wooden grille, creating a room of elegant leisure, which is just the meaning of leisure.  The feeling of partial Chinese style or Japanese style tea ceremony adds more " spirit" to those who come here to discuss tea.  At the same time, the space separation is softer, which shortens the communication distance between people.

▼ 走廊后的镜面玻璃,增加了空间的纵深感

The mirror glass behind the corridor increases the depth of the space




The layout of the guest room design is simple and generous, and the plain material is used to create the atmosphere of the guest room vacation.The design of floating windows and large floor-to-floor glass windows makes the whole space appear transparent and clear.  Brass products enrich the color of space and give more space a sense of life.




The overall style of the west room leans towards northern Europe. the warm yellow wood floor rises along the wall, forming a simple back rest of the head of a bed. the back light strip sets off the texture of wood and lightens the room.  Grey shower glass connects the sunken ceiling with air conditioning fresh air system to differentiate bathing and sleeping functions, making up for the deficiency of high floor height.


The room on the east side is mainly black, simple and modern.

 The whole space is covered under the original wooden roof. the collision between modern and primitive simplicity and the contrast between dark color and wood color create a strong visual impact.  The black wall surface is folded and extended to the ground to become tatami, the wall surface is giant abstract ink painting, the brown shower glass, the retractable skylight roof, and the tradition collides with the modern.

 The use of large-scale floor-to-floor glass walls balanced visual depression in the black tone of the space.



The use of large-scale floor-to-floor glass walls balanced visual depression in the black tone of the space.The black iron frame is fixed on the wall surface to replace the bedside table.       



  顶楼设计保留了裸露的原始木质屋顶结构,增加层高的同时也有更多的空间可塑性。利用钢结构增加了一层阁楼,提高空间利用率,一起出行的朋友或者三口之家都可使用 。进门下沉吊顶区域内藏空调系统,区分出洗浴与寝卧两块区域。原木立柱结构内暗藏了灯带,晕染的灯光烘托柔和的背景墙面。

The design of the top floor retains the bare original wooden roof structure, which increases the height of the roof and has more space plasticity at the same time.The use of steel structures has increased the number of attics on the first floor, increasing the space utilization rate, which can be used by friends who travel together or by families of three.  An air conditioning system is built in the area of the sunken ceiling entering the door to distinguish the two areas of bathing and sleeping.  Light belts are hidden in the log column structure, and the faint light lightens the soft background wall surface.


Under the window, white marble bathtubs, warm yellow log washbasins and picture frames, imagine you with a tired face. apply a mask here and soak it for a few minutes, making people feel very uncomfortable.In addition to its full function, comfortable bedding and material details are also the focus of attention during design.





摄    影:邱日培





Project Name: “XiYun” Boutique Hotel

Design Office: Quanwen Interior Design

Designer: Sun Quanwen

Photographer: Qiuri Pei

Project Address: No. 173, Jiuxi village, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Project Area: About 200+100㎡

Completion Date: March , 2017

Main Materials:  Terrazzo , Ceramic tile , Cement , Wood, Iron, Metal


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