Andrew SIGFRIDS: 鹅岛精酿啤酒吧设计

设计:ASIG Design杰璐设计工作室 | 项目地点:上海 | 类别:餐饮空间 | 2018-06-06 7183 76



ABInbev, a global consumer packaged goods giant, approached ASIG Design to design, develop and realize their Goose Island Brewhouse in Shanghai, China as a part of their multi-country global rollout.   Located at a highly anticipated new site in the heart of Shanghai, the historically sensitive Shikumen style building took center stage that nods to local Chinese beer culture and fluidly juxtaposed interior elements of the brand’s stong Chicago roots.



The interior space is completely dominated by the dramatic view of sleek stainless steel brewing vessels that contrast with a backdrop of raw urban Chicago style through red fired brick walls, white domed ceramic subway tiles and reclaimed US barn wood oak flooring. Structural modifications to the 2F floor plate opens up the space and gives way to a dramatic view of an uplit concrete pitched roof flanked by a large fan.  Half chrome bowl top lights softly warm wood ceiling panels on both floors overarching a traditional brew hall experience on 1F and a more intimate dining experience on 2F.


项目名称: 鹅岛精酿啤酒吧

Location: Shanghai, China


Area面积: 1,200sq.m.

Project Year项目年: 2017

设计公司名称/施工单位: ASIG Design杰璐设计工作室

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