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  Forte Dei Marmi酒店处于经典的地中海复兴式风格的建筑之中,它最初建于1938年,是一幢新颖典雅的两层别墅。而意大利式餐厅的理念,在时尚奢华的南五区的复兴中发挥重要作用。

Housed within a classic, Mediterranean Revival-style building, originally constructed in 1938, Forte Dei Marmi is a new, elegant, two-story villa, Italian restaurant concept set to play a significant role in the renaissance of the swanky South of Fifth area.

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  它拥有5,875平方英尺的占地面积,并因作为卡瓦利迈阿密的故居,而需要一个完整、全新的内部改造计划 - 一个好似融合经典意大利海滩文化和当代设计美学永恒精神的混合物。 Forte dei Marmi的设计从托斯卡纳海岸和沿海意大利度假村汲取灵感,其设计展现了其同名意大利城市 (Forte dei Marmi)的美丽、优雅、简约,以及南滩那永恒的现代主义魅力。 

The 5,875 SF property, and former home of Cavalli Miami, required a complete interior redesign – one that would envisage an amalgam of the enduring spirit of classic Italian beach culture and a contemporary design aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the Tuscan coast and the littoral Italian resort, Forte dei Marmi’s design reflects the beauty, elegance, and simplicity of its namesake Italian city, as well as the immutable modernist allure of South Beach.


  丰富的材料和纹理如同调色板上的色彩融合在一起,营造出精致而舒适的空间内饰 。身处其中, 享受餐厅历经高级制作过程的美食,体验非凡无与伦比。第二层的休息室和酒吧的设计概念是意图创造一个具有亲和力的、精心布置的氛围,为了给消费者带来独特的用餐体验,刺激感官,为艺术装置和近距离音乐表演提供灵活的场所。 

A palette of rich materials and textures combine to create a refined, yet comfortable interior – the perfect setting for enjoying the restaurant’s highly-crafted, culinary offerings. The concept for the lounge and bar on the second level was to create an intimate, finely- furnished environment that promotes a unique sensory dining experience, providing a flexible venue for art installations and intimate musical performances.

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▲ 一层平面图

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▲ 二层平面图

Scope: Renovation and Interior Design of a Miami Beach restaurant

Location: Miami, FL

Address: 150 Ocean Drive

Total size/area of buildings (SF and m2) 7,000 sf / 650 sm  

Materials: Wood, stone, glass

Team Credits: Kevin Heidorn, Carla Lores, Olivier Montfort 

Photographer: Karen Fuchs



地址:150 Ocean Drive

建筑物总面积(SF和m2)7,000平方英尺/ 650平方米


创作团队:Kevin Heidorn,Carla Lores,Olivier Montfort

摄影师:Karen Fuchs

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