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  Little Creatures在中国开了首家手工啤酒酒吧,它位于上海的中心地带Found 158 下沉式广场。这个澳大利亚标志性的手工啤酒品牌汲取其独有的工业风元素将Little Creatures带到上海。



Little Creatures has opened its first craft beer pub in the China Mainland in the heart of Shanghai at Found 158. The Shanghai chapter of this iconic Australian craft brand takes the industrial elements from its Australian parent bars, to bring the Little Creatures experience to Shanghai. 

Using wooden packing crates and steel shipping containers the industrial elements are balanced by splashes of bright fresh greens.Beer, of course, is the real star with a range of 12 Little Creatures beers on tap and naturally two large duo tanks ready to serve.


项目名称:Little Creatures

项目地:上海巨鹿路Found 185


设计师:Hannah Churchill

摄影师:Brian Chua


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