Ricardo Bofill: La Muralla Roja魔幻城堡

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        La Muralla Roja为西班牙语,意为“红墙”,是位于西班牙的Calpe的La Manzanera开发区的一个住宅项目。该项目充分借鉴了阿拉伯地中海地区流行的建筑,建筑师的灵感来自地中海的卡斯巴传统。内外侧面选择醒目的颜色,这既与自然形成鲜明的对比,又为其淳朴相补充。
La Muralla Roja, Spanish for ‘The Red Wall,’ is a housing project located within the La Manzanera development in Spain’s Calpe. The building makes clear references to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean Area, a result of the architects’ inspiration by the Mediterranean tradition of the casbah. The striking colors that cover the outer and inner facades are selected to either contrast with nature or complement its purity.

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        该建筑像一个堡垒,看起来好像从它坐落的岩石峭壁凸立而出。其结构通过重新诠释了卡斯巴对于公共和私人空间日益区分明显这一问题提出了挑战,而其构造正是北非国家典型的城堡传统建筑。其特点是由一系列环环相扣的楼梯、平台和桥梁构成,这种构造以现代化手段诠释了典型卡斯巴的循环,通往50套公寓的La Muralla Roja。
Formed like a fortress, the project appears as if it is emerging from the rocky cliffs it sits on. Its organization challenges the increasing division between public and private space through its reinterpretation of the casbah, which is the walled citadel typical of traditional architecture in North African countries. Characterized by a series of interlocking stairs, platforms, and bridges, this organization is a modern illustration of the circulation in a typical casbah, providing access to the 50 apartments that form La Muralla Roja.

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The complexity of the project extends into the division of apartments, which is in three sizes: 60 sqm studios, 80 sqm two bedroom apartment, and 120 sqm three bedroom apartments. Bofill’s desire to provide enhanced living is seen through with the roof terraces, solaria, a swimming pool, and a sauna, all reserved for the residents’ use.

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Various tones of red paint cover the exterior facade, accentuating the contrast with the landscape. Stairs and circulation surfaces, on the other hand, are treated with different tones of blue ranging from sky-blue to indigo and event violet, depending on weather the intention is to contrast with the sky or create visually continuity with it.

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        红墙最好可以形容为一个迷宫,对应于一个以希腊式十字架的类型学为基础的精确的几何设计,而在这种情况下,它还有五米长的手臂。这些十字架在服务塔相交,服务塔内设有厨房和浴室。用Taller de Arquitectura的话来说。“其布局的几何基础也和建构主义理论近似,这也使La Muralla Roja清晰的反应了这些。”
The Red Wall is best described as a labyrinth, corresponding to a precise geometric plan based on the typology of the Greek cross, having, in this case, arms that are five meters long. The crosses intersect at the service towers, which contain the kitchens and bathrooms. In the words of Taller de Arquitectura , “the geometric basis of the layout is also an approximation of the theories of constructivism, and makes La Muralla Roja a very clear evocation of these.“

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建筑师:Ricardo Bofill
摄影: Ricardo Bofill
由Ramzi Naja发布
西班牙,Calpe/Calp Ricardo Bofill,AD建筑

Architects: Ricardo Bofill
Year: 1968
Photographs: Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill
by Ramzi Naja 
AD Architecture Classics Calpe/Calp Ricardo Bofill Spain

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