华泽传媒总部设计/Nanjing Hua Ze media headquarters

设计:G.M.D国际设计 | 项目地点:南京 | 类别:办公空间 | 2017-11-06 10486 126


Hua Ze media headquarters is located in Nanjing T80 creative industry park. It is the predecessor of the central political institute of the Republic of China. As the capital of the government of the Republic of China, Nanjing has a lot of cultural exchanges. The traditional wood truss is combined with sloping roof and brick concrete structure, forming a large span of teaching using elastic space. It is also a bold attempt of architectural designers in special historical periods.


▲总部入口 entrance


▲入口大厅 entrance hall


Architects use concrete parapet, recarding and integration of the site. Separate the garage from the pedestrian line. A public gathering place is isolated from the courtyard. Water wall and water landscape interspersed with interesting space formed in the septum.


▲用清水混凝土矮墙对场地进行重新梳理与整合 use concrete parapet, recarding and integration of the site


Reconstruction is the process of establishing order. In the old space, the mini building is added to reconstruct the space and maintain the quality of the original space. In order to emphasize the grade of the main entrance, use relatively clean concrete wall. The material in the hollow area of the lobby is the resin decorative board like jade. As the main wall of the room, the main traffic space is organized, and it is a link to connect each function space.


▲用混凝土墙厚重程度来区分入口等级 use relatively clean concrete wall to emphasize the grade of the main entrance


▲以混凝土墙面为大厅的主要装饰 concrete wall as the main elements


▲挑空的大厅让建筑更突显层次感 the hollow area of the lobby increase the feeling of layers


▲二层空间环绕中央挑空区域而设 the functional rooms are arranged around the hallow space



▲办公室内景 office


The vestige of roof sheathing means a wonderful story. Sheathing experienced the baptism of time like a painting of the Song Dynasty silk cloth background. Once decorated, a painting can be formed. At the same time, and the project industry chief complaints coincide, the whole space to have a home feeling. Swallow homing is the most appropriate interpretation of the family. Our design strategy is a continuation of the spirit of the old building. Maintain the quality of the original building space, rather than the big conflict. We seek the logic of the original building structure, adding shear walls and column beams to reinforce the existing walls and roofs. The interesting boundary between architecture and nature is called grey space. The main entrance of the building is such a fuzzy boundary space. This narrative takes place between the water fir garden, the patio and the main entrance.


▲木桁架屋顶与混凝土建筑的微妙碰撞 the wood structure combined with the concrete walls


▲漏痕屋顶与现代化装饰打造“燕归巢”的意境 the vestige of roof sheathing means a wonderful story


We have added new experiences to the building, such as libraries, cafes, gyms, recreation centers and leisure spaces.


▲书吧与咖啡厅内部,the bookshop and cafe


▲总面图 General layout


▲大堂剖面图 The lobby profile


▲正立图 Front elevation


▲推导图 Derivation graph

设计团队:刘小清 王树全 郭继雨 周付标 亓元 蓝福兵
施 工:苏州金螳螂
摄 影:史云峰

Name of project: Nanjing Hua Ze media headquarters
Design firm: G.M.D
Main case design: Zhu Wenlin
Design team: Liu Xiaoqing, Wang Shuquan, Guo Jiyu, Zhou Fubiao, Qi yuan, Lan Fubing
Completion time: August 2017
Project area: 1400 square meters
Project type: office space transformation
Construction:Suzhou Gold Mantis construction
Structural modification: Hu Liangliang
Photograph:Shi Yunfeng

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