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The brilliant point of writing an article lies in its abundant ideas under the surface modification. It also works on designing a space. The variability in simplicity and the complexity in purity have brought various experiences for life. The designer Fang Lei who is good at the simple style, was invited to design Qin Mansion, CEG Schwarzwald, Shanghai, renovating the original ordinary space into a simple but fashionable and comfortable residence in straightforward and concise language, full of unspoken romance.


The owner is a  young couple born after 1985, who occupy in fashion e-commerce business. The hostess has many valuable bags, while the host likes collecting dolls and fashion brands. Both of them advocate simple and comfortable life, having unique conceptions of their love nest. With the vision of home in mind, they have looked for the expected design style for many times, but few satisfied them, until they met Fang Lei. The aesthetic appeal of the designer matches perfectly with the couple’s, thus a pleasant journey of cooperation begins.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 01.jpg


Qin Mansion is a large flat, with the horizontal hall crossing series of primary and secondary relations, and other functional areas orderly distributed on both ends. The designer moderately depicted his modern life proposition by emphasizing the proportion of space and layout. “Design needs to return to life, functional layout and home details should meet the actual needs of the owners. I decomposed and reorganized my inspiration continuously, thinking about how to make this home warmer and more casual, and let simplicity and comfort naturally flow to everywhere .” The designer, Fang Lei elaborated his design theme in this way. 


You can intuitively feel the ampleness of space when you walk into the room through the hallway. The huge floor-to-ceiling glass window is surrounded by beautiful scenery, highlighting the sensation when you first enter the space. The designer weakened the regional structure and color, outlining the relation between blankness and actuality through a group of white Flos chandeliers appropriately.



The bright light pours on the table, making the dining room full of comfort. The rest area, as a link between the dining room and the kitchen, is made into a bar along the column on both sides with a uniform width on the basis of the landform, avoiding the restriction of columns in traditional structures, but also presenting a variety of dining experience.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 04.jpg



A triple-turning stair was standing at the hallway originally, which was a challenge for the designer, but has been rebuilt into a cabinet now. A pull-out cabinet is hidden behind the cabinet door made of the matte paint material extended to the top, perfectly integrating the original space structure, making the storage function hidden behind the lines. It can place the hostess' bags, which is practical and aesthetic.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 05.jpg

吧台一侧,精选Nomon挂钟与Christian Liaigre长凳,简约线条散发无限张力,可驻足思考、小憩,又不影响动线。 

The Nomon wall clock and Christian Liaigre bench are selected to be put on the bar side, and the simple lines emit infinite tension. You can stop to think and rest, without affecting the moving lines.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 06.jpg



Simplicity means using fewer things to create more intriguing feeling, the designer Fang Lei said: “Simplicity is a higher level of creative realm, combining the space, people and other things reasonably and delicately in the premise of meeting the functional requirements.”



The two columns in the horizontal hall are the original space structures, which is quite difficult to design in the space division. Therefore, the designer Fang Lei cleverly used the custom corner sofa to surround the column to form the living room. The clear tulle curtains can be flexibly adjusted according to life scenes, the indoor light also changes accordingly. The limited edition KAWS doll next to the sofa can undoubtedly make the living room with more fun and dynamic sense, delivering the individual styles and tastes of the owner casually.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 10.jpg


The TV backdrop uses dark metal plate with brushed surface, creating a visual focus. The active white display rack beside it makes the color change full of rhythm, achieving contrasting but harmonious coexistence between black and white. The side table behind sofa can display ornaments, at the same time make up the blank area behind the sofa. The embellishment of some exquisite artworks liven the expression of the space’s spirit level up.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 11.jpg


Since the host is interested in the collection of dolls and fashion brands, the designer Fang Lei customs a wall cabinet as a collection area. The fresh colors on the shelves set off the feeling of young, Artemide folding-arm lights and Flos gun lights with unique styles spark mix-matching fun with hardness and softness. When the switch is turned on, the collections on the entire wall are illuminated, just like an exhibition hall of the spiritual paradise of the host.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 12.jpg



In the hostess's work room, a desk stands nearby the window. The bright space makes people feel relax and calm down. The sofa bed is laid quite thoughtfully for friends and family to live for a short time. The designer reconcile the life experience brought about by the space through the matching different kind of furniture, offering sensual simplicity and neatness, meanwhile the subtlety and warmness of the hostess are integrated into this small world.


  卧室中设计师的手法变得轻松简洁,通过随性的视觉陈列方式,泼墨画、Serif TV以及定制多功能架,与床之间形成错落有致的线面比例,让空间灵秀而富有韧性。铺展开实木色调Wewood边柜,呈现百宝箱似的化妆台,摆件饰品均可收纳其中。

In the bedroom, the designer uses an easy and concise touch, and a well-proportioned visual experience is achieved by the casual showcase of  the splash ink painting, Serif TV and customized multifunctional rack against the bed, which gives a scenery and resilient space. The Wewood side cabinet of solid wood tone can be unfolded and turned into a treasure-chest-like dresser , in which ornaments and accessories can be stored.

上海中鹰黑森林秦公馆 16.jpg


The terrace matching with luminous seats and vases sets off a romantic and warm atmosphere. Either embracing the congenial nature, or enjoying the fascinating night scenery, a colorful life can be extended in this corner. 


Designer Fang Lei admits: “each family flows its unique emotion, the design of the home should not only show the beauty of spaces and forms, but also accommodate the diversity of life experience. Qin Mansion, CEG Schwarzwald makes people fully understand the aesthetic taste created by the space temperament from the senses to the psychology. I believe that even after years of precipitation, this pure and simple space can still have a free and quiet spiritual dialogue with the owner.”

项目名称 | 中鹰黑森林秦公馆

Project Name | Qin Mansion, CEG Schwarzwald 

项目地点 | 上海

Project Location | Shanghai

项目面积 | 231.8平方米

Project Area | 231.8 m2

完工时间 | 2017年8月

Completion Time | August, 2017

设计公司 | 壹舍设计

Design Company | OneHouse Design

设计师 | 方磊

Designer | Fang Lei

视觉陈列 | 李文婷、王丹娜

Visual Merchandiser | Wendy Li, Diana Wang

主要材料 | 黑色拉丝金属、白色哑面烤漆、氟碳烤漆、胡桃木染色、皮革

Main Materials | Black brushed metal, white matte baking finish, fluorocarbon baking finish, walnut dyeing, leather

摄影师 | Peter Dixie(英)

Photographer: Peter Dixie 






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