Thomas Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA

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Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-01


        非洲当代艺术博物馆(Zeitz MOCAA)于9月22日在开普敦的维多利亚阿尔弗雷德码头广场V&A Waterfront正式对外开放,它是世界上最大的非洲当代艺术和大流散的博物馆,由知名度享誉全球的英国设计事务所Heatherwick Studio设计完成。

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), was unveiled today ahead of its public opening on 22 September 2017 at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. It will be the world’s largest museum dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora and is designed by internationally acclaimed designers Heatherwick Studio, based in London.

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-02

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-03



        博物馆拥有超过9千平方米的定制化设计空间,共有9层,其建筑结构沿用了当地历史悠久的旧粮仓Grain Silo Complex。Silo粮仓自上个世纪90年代开始就停止使用,一只象征着开普敦这个充满活力都市工业化的过去。曾经是南非的最高建筑,在Heatherwick事务所的改造下重新焕发了光彩。

The museum is housed in 9,500 sq metres of custom designed space, spread over nine floors, carved out of the monumental structure of the historic Grain Silo Complex. The silo, disused since 1990, stands as a monument to the industrial past of Cape Town, at one time the tallest building in South Africa, now given new life through the transformation by Heatherwick Studio.

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-04


Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-05

▲填充管道空间/interstital tube space


The galleries and the atrium space at the centre of the museum have been carved from the silos’ dense cellular structure of forty-two tubes that pack the building. The development includes 6,000 sq metres of exhibition space in 80 gallery spaces, a rooftop sculpture garden, state of the art storage and conservation areas, a bookshop, a restaurant, bar, and reading rooms. The museum will also house Centres for a Costume Institute, Photography, Curatorial Excellence, the Moving Image, Performative Practice and Art Education.

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-06

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-07


Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-08


Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-09

▲夜晚中的中庭区域/atrium at night

        这座投资3000万英镑的博物馆,2013年11月份宣布动工,这个位于非洲最负盛名的文化和历史中心的博物馆是非营利性的公共文化机构。以一个自然的工种海港为始,以最具代表之一的桌山为背景,一览无遗的海景、城市地平线和如梦如幻的山顶,V&A Waterfront码头每天的造访人数达到10万。

The R500 million (£30 million) development of Zeitz MOCAA, announced in November 2013, has been created in a partnership between the V&A Waterfront and Jochen Zeitz, as a not-for-profit public cultural institution in the heart of one of most visited cultural and historical hubs in Africa. Set on the edge of a natural, historic working harbour, with the iconic Table Mountain as its backdrop, and sweeping views of the ocean, city bowl and mountain peaks, V&A Waterfront attracts up to 100,000 people a day. 

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-10

▲V&A Waterfront港湾


▲画廊和展厅/gallery and exhibition hall

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-11

▲地面层布局图/ground floor plan

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-12

▲地下层平面图/basement floor plan

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-13

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-14

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-15

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-16

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-17

▲1-5层平面布局图/floor plans

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-18

▲6层中庭布局图/mezzanine floor plan

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-19

▲6层雕塑公园布局图/sculpture garden floor plan

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-20

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-21

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-22

Heatherwick:非洲当代艺术博物馆/Zeitz MOCAA-23


建筑设计公司:Heatherwick Studio



摄影:Iwan Baan

Architects:Heatherwick Studio

Location:Cape Town, South Africa

Project Year:2017

Photographs:Iwan Baan

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