John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计

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Zn House, Toronto

Multidisciplinary design studio +tongtong has completed a renovation and addition to a traditional Victorian house in Toronto. The house was transformed into an open and bright modern home through a series of strategic moves and incisions.

        多学科设计事务所+ tongtong完成了一个传统的多伦多维多利亚式房屋的翻修和补充设计工作,设计师通过一系列战略性的举措和切入,将房屋转变成了一个开放而明亮的现代化住宅。

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-01

The specifications were to build a modern family home that expands the area of livable space while remaining true to the vernacular of the neighborhood. This challenge was met with an emphasis on natural materials and light. Inspired by rural living and the original build date of the home, industrial materials accentuate re-imagined architectural qualities in an unmistakable contemporary space.


John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-02

Grey and black zinc used throughout both the exterior and interior of the home is a material that blends traditional aspects with the new contemporary scheme. Inside, a vertical shaft brings light from large skylights down 3 floors illuminating the ground floor while animating a zinc wall and ceiling above the kitchen.


John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-03

As for +tongtong principal John Tong’s favourite element of the house, “I really embrace the slot between the two floors. It turns the 2nd floor hallway into a bridge that connects all of the floors. This is key to bringing light down to the first floor.”

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-04

On the 3rd floor, the entire gable has been replaced with an expansive triangular glass window affording views of the neighbourhood and downtown skyline in the distance. A custom-made triangular blind shades the window and retracts into a millwork unit when not in use.


John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-05

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-06

In the kitchen, an original window at the side of the house was reconfigured proportionally to retain its original breadth. This now horizontal window extends along the kitchen and integrates seamlessly within the millwork of the dining room. The kitchen counter also extends providing the means for a countertop vent-free ethanol fireplace in the dining room. Throughout the home, millwork such as that found in the transitional space between the kitchen and dining room defines overlapping function.

        在厨房里,房屋边上原有的窗口按比例重新配置,以保持原来的宽度。这个水平的卧式窗户沿着厨房向外延伸,并且无缝地和餐厅的木制品融合在一起,厨房台面延长还为台面上的无烟乙醇壁炉提供了一个解决方案。 在整个房子里,如厨房和餐厅之间的过渡空间中发现的木制品描绘出了重叠的功能。

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-07

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-08

Outside, the rear facade of the home has been entirely transformed to maximize views of the expansive elm tree behind the house; while in front, a large glass pop-out opens up the home to the street while being protected from the sun and elements by a new zinc awning reminiscent of bygone neighbourhood corner stores. The landscaped berm and retaining walls create a layer of privacy between the public street and the private home which provides a small area of refuge in front of the home for children to play, complete with theatre seating to watch the spectacle of life unfold.


John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-09

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-10

+tongtong principal John Tong (B. Architecture from the University of Toronto, 1992), has recently completed award winning projects Drake Devonshire Inn, Her Majesty’s Pleasure, and Barsa Taberna, and is currently working on a diverse range of projects including Mascot Brewery, Re-imaging of a US Restaurant Brand, a re-development project in Detroit, offices for Guru Animation, Batch for Molson Canada, Drake 1150 expansion and numerous residential projects. His work has been exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale, CAA in Montreal, MOMA in New York, the Design Exchange and The Interior Design Show in Toronto, and has been profiled in international publications and books.

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-11

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-12

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-13

平面图/floor plans

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-14

▲一层平面图/layout for F1

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-15

▲地面层平面图/layout for ground floor

John Tong:多伦多Zn住宅设计-16

▲二层平面图/layout for F2

设计师:John Tong, 设计总监/Nathan Dykstra, 资深设计师


景观承包商和植被专家:Neil Turnbull / Hedgerow

木制品生产商:Distinctive by Design

锌材料:VM Zinc

总承包商:Symmetry Construction

摄影师:Lisa Petrole


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