Studioninedots:Boursorama Banque总部办公室设计

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Boursorama Banque has moved into its new Parisian head office in Boulogne-Billancourt designed by Studioninedots. In collaboration with Ateliers 115, Studioninedots created a robust and clear building distinguished by its subtle recesses and terraces but foremost by the striking facade that interplays rhythms of bronze-coloured blades. 

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        Boursorama Banque公司将其巴黎总部搬到了Boulogne-Billancourt,设计团队是Studioninedots与Ateliers 115。两家建筑事务所通力合作打造了富有刚性而又线条清晰的建筑,其轻微的凹墙与阳台,以及显著的幕墙设计是整个设计的亮点,铜色的刀片状遮光板产生了一种韵律。

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The bank building is situated on a section of the old Renault factory site in Paris. The plot Lot YA sits within a dense urban fabric and points with its southern tip towards the adjacent Parc Billancourt and the river Seine. This resulted in a paradox: optimal views of the park were desired but, simultaneously, incoming direct sunlight should be blocked. 

        这座海滨的建筑位于巴黎的Renault旧工厂区,这处称为Lot YA的场地坐拥高密度的城市结构,南侧面对Parc Billancourt和塞纳河。这样产生了一对矛盾:公园的视野让人向往,但同时直射的阳光影响岛办公室,应该被挡住。

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Studioninedots approached the challenge with a clear solution: vertical aluminium blades. By placing them at an angle, the blades function to block sunlight during the harshest hours while retaining views. The spacing of the blades is determined by the amount of sunlight and the orientation, resulting in a large variety of facade compositions. As one moves around the building, the facades continuously change appearance. Placing the main entrance in the southern tip positions the bank prominently amongst the ‘front row’ on the park and also establishes an interesting vista through the inner court. 

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The building is designed to stand its place among the high rises on Avenue Pierre Lefaucheux. Utilising horizontal layers, for example in the form of recesses and terraces, connects it better to the smaller scale residential buildings in the neighbourhood. 

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        建筑的设计结构在Pierre Lefaucheux街区高耸的大楼间获得它的位置。利用水平面,比如凹墙与阳台的,这样就能让附近的住宅建筑可以和该建筑很好的联系起来。

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This site comprises the last large scale development within Greater Paris and will accommodate approximately 15,000 residents and occupants. The urban plan is designed by Patrick Chavannes. Renowned architects including Jean Nouvel, Dominique Perrault, KCAP, LAN and Baumschlager&Eberle have designed individual plots. Studioninedots won the invited competition in 2012 for the development of Lot YA, which was commissioned by an innovative, open-minded client. YOU, Lot YA is the first project completed by Studioninedots in France. 

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Studioninedots_You, Lot YA_typical floor plan.jpg

布局图/Floor Plan

Studioninedots_YOU Lot YA_Facade.jpg


客户:Kaufman & Broad

项目名:Head office Boursorama Banque
建筑面积: 9.300 m2 GFA

项目地:Rue Traversière 44, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris

设计团队:Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl

项目团队:Wouter Hermanns, Daniel Aw, Freddy Koelemeijer, Eliano Dias Felicio, Pedro Piernas

工程和项目经理:Jean-Marc Saurer

合作建筑师Ateliers 115 Architectes, Paris: Jean-Claude Martinez, Eric Brunel

建筑立面咨询师:nterface: Dennis Soules, Fabrice Bourgon



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