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This restaurant built by MESURA Parterns in Arquitecture has been caught up in the typical relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Barceloneta. The reform project was closely related to the fact of the identity of this particular place. Without searching a luxurious decoration, the proposal was to profit its Mediterranean roots due to its proximity to the sea. 

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由MESURA Parterns建筑事务所设计的Caballa Canalla餐厅位于巴塞罗纳著名的 Mercat de la Barceloneta美食市场,设计师被巴塞罗纳塔海滩典型轻松而友好的氛围所吸引。餐厅的改造与这一个比较特别地方的代表性直接挂钩,在设计的过程中没有豪华的装饰,这样的设计方案得益于这座城市的地中海根源,并且还有海的情节。

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From a spatial vision, the restaurant has an excellent terrace with porch and the upper floor remains visually opened to the huge market roof that covers the square.  

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The connection between both floors is the most important point in the project. It is an enormous catwalk, at the height of 120 cm, which goes to an exceptional balcony with a typical view of the Barceloneta neighborhood: the square at the back (crowded with tourists and residents), the hustle and bustle in the bar and finally the stoves, the authentic core of Caballa Canalla market cooking. The first floor corresponds to the daytime of the project with clear and neutral color scheme. Its own personality is due to continuous micro cement flooring, the application of acoustic foam to walls and ceilings, which dignifies the bare or exposed structure of the market, and the use of materials with patina like rattan and sisal or the tiling with small ceramics format that covers the leading element in the room, the catwalk. The space is completed with a wonderful show-cooking kitchen, opened to the main dining room and to the terrace.

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在这个项目中,楼层之间的联系称为设计的重要点。高度为120厘米的大的狭窄通道连接到一个阳台,在这里可以领略到具有巴塞罗尼亚风情的典型当地景色:餐厅背后的广场(游客和居民络绎不绝)、喧嚣的酒吧,还有就是炉子,Caballa Canalla美食市场烹饪的核心。 餐厅一层应和半天的需要运用了干净而又中性的色调,其特点通过连续不断的微水泥地板、墙面和屋顶声学泡沫的应用—让裸露或暴露的美食市场的建筑结构增添了几分华丽、具有藤条和剑麻色泽的自然材料、又或小餐厅主要空间和狭窄通道的小陶瓷瓷砖等共同表现出来。 餐厅内设置了一个不错的烹饪厨房,通向主餐厅和露台。

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On the upper floor, a space mainly thought for suppers and drinks, due to a less outgoing character conferred by the cover that surrounds it. Darker colors but the materials employed in the first floor are remained. Here the main element is a set of hanging luminaires joined with wicker, designed exclusively by MESURA. A theatrical kitchen opened to the dining room, similar to the one in the lower floor, and a private room with a privileged view of the square complete this area.

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This design, exclusively done by MESURA, characterized by a shameless, bold and flavored graphics with a first quality market cooking fills the ingredients of this recipe that predicts to be a meeting point for autochthonous and foreign people in the renewed neighborhood of the Barceloneta. 

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项目名:Cavalla Canalla餐厅




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