Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计

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Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-01

The Radisson Blu Hotel Marrakech has just officially opened its doors. Xavier Guerrand Hermes and the investment fund Actif Invest invited Atelier Pod to design the accommodation of their new Marrakech property operated by the Carlson Rezidor hotel chain.

  马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店最近官方宣布正式开始营业。爱马仕家族第五代传人及爱马仕国际董事会成员Xavier Guerrand Hermes和投资基金Actif Invest共同邀请Atelier Pod国际设计事务所设计了由卡尔森酒店连锁管理的该新开张酒店集团的客房。

Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-02

The main design challenge was to create a contemporary and innovative aesthetic recalling the essence of the red city. The hotel is located in Gueliz, and is part of a mixed-use property including apartments and a shopping center called “Carre Eden”.The design team had a tailored approach of extending the urban dynamic of the city to provide a relaxing, atypical atmosphere.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-03

Atelier Pod focused on the design layout before looking for the aesthetic DNA. The purpose was to repeal the separation between the bathroom and the bedroom, and make a typical object of the eastern Arab language: the mousharabieh screen, the design highlight of the room.

  在寻找属于酒店客房美学DNA之前,Atelier Pod把注意力集中在设计平面图上,目的是为了消除浴室和卧室的隔离感,打造一种典型的东方阿拉伯语言的对应物:遮窗格栅屏风和强调客房的设计。

Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-04

Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-05

The sliding screen cuts a white monolithic bloc, creating an elegant separation between the bathroom and bedroom, showing on one side a vanity counter and on the other, a dressing table. The elegance is in the use of the mousharabieh, and the extension of its perspective behind a mirror which provides a visual connection between the bedroom and the bathroom.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-06

Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-07

The dressing is the second master piece of the room, designed as a multifunctional carved monolithic bloc, used as bathroom storage with a corner minibar column.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-08

The holistic design idea of the room is the harmonious blend between ethnic patterns and classical Arabian Geometrics. The distortion of patterns and their large glossy effect is what creates full and empty spaces incarnating the closet and contrasting the primitive ethnic patterns on the wallpaper.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-09

The Deluxe room however, has a different orientation than the standard room. It has more width than length, which allows a position of the bed facing the view, whereas the desk is placed right behind the bed.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-10

Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-11

The bathroom faces the view as well, making the entire space bathe in natural day light; the effect is enhanced as the deluxe bathroom is designed as a wet room, with the same mineral material covering the space. The rain shower cubicle is isolated into the bathroom space with a thick glass screen.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-12

The Space and material blend characterizes a contemporary understanding of the importance of a functions balance and the interpretation of the Moroccan heritage, all harmoniously merged in one space and making it personal to Radisson Marrakech.


Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-13

Atelier Pod:马拉咯什雷迪森布鲁酒店客房设计-14

客户:Xavier Guerrand Hermes/ Actif Invest




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