Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计

设计:Elsa Urquijo Arquitectos | 项目地点:西班牙 | 类别:文化教育 | 2016-08-18 7058 64

The social charity institution Padre Rubinos was born in A Coruña nearly a century ago with a dedication to give shelter and asylum to the needy. Later it has continued growing and expanding its scope to nursery schools and the elderly. Now, Spanish architect Elsa Urquijo presents their new headquarter to us. This is one of the most important in the country in its field because it unifies a wide range of services (shelter, nursery, nursing home, etc.) in a unique architectural complex.

  一个世纪以前,庇护社会苦难人士的 Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构在拉科鲁尼亚诞生,经过不断的发展,现在甚至包含幼儿园和老人院功能。如今西班牙建筑师Elsa Urquijo向我们再次展示了这个社会慈善机构的新总部。在这个领域,这个新的收容中心将成为这个国家最重要的建设之一,在一座与众不同的建筑综合体中提供一系列的服务,包括庇护、幼稚园、疗养院等。

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The design has born in a quite way of understanding architecture. The building is conceived as a shelter for the life that transcends in it, a serene space, unpretentious and to endure. The use of horizontal lines arises from the search for peace and relaxation creating a sequence of measured and ordered spaces.

Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-03

It is an architectural space that revolves around those individuals in need, the academic composition of the facade and featuring a portico at the entrance that surrounds and defines a square, open to the city. They re-assume the concept of cloister attuned to the religious character and social work of the institution.

Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-04

The idea of a patio is repeated throughout the architectural complex as focal point of the different spaces seeking to strengthen the clarity, light and visual continuity between interior and exterior. Different volumes fit the morphology of the terrain so that both ground floor and the upper floors maintain direct external communication.

Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-05

The nursing home for the elderly occupies the most extensive use of the complex. At the ground floor are the common areas like living rooms, professional offices, therapy rooms, etc. while at the upper two floors private areas are located linked to the bedrooms.


Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-06

Special care has been taken in the use of materials that meet the requirements for a building of these characteristics: high quality, strength, durability, ecology (we use a kind of floor which catalyze the carbon dioxide as leafs in the forest do).Meanwhile giving humanity, serenity and warmth to the interior (warm soil, wood texture, natural fabrics, etc.)

Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-07

The nursery school is set on a single floor. The clarity and spatial continuity between the classrooms allow for a versatile use of the same. A visual and symbolic relationship to the common areas of the nursing home is also sought after so that both generations can relate and bond.


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The homeless shelter is divided into 3 different uses: accommodation, dining and a center of ongoing social care to be carried out mainly on the ground floor and the upper floor reserved for the rooms. The access to the homeless shelter goes back to the concept of an open space whose portico gives a human scale and protects the visitor.


Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-10

Besides these basic uses, the complex also includes a residence for the sisters. They manage the homeless shelter, headquarters for the institution and area representative with an assembly hall and a chapel which is a symbol and an attraction within the complex.

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Their presence is evidenced by clearly recognizable elements as the bell tower and the entrance with orderly and serene architecture. 

Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-12

The entrance is through a secluded and warm space arriving to a magnified space which enhances the symbolism of the place. This in turn embraces us by the horizontal line of the wooden plinth which returns it to a human scale.

Elsa Urquijo建筑事务所:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部设计-13

项目名:Padre Rubinos社会慈善机构总部


客户:Fundación Amancio Ortega 

设计公司:Elsa Urquijo Architects 

项目管理:Elsa Urquijo 

参与设计师:Gema Rivas, María Freixedo, Iria Senra, Nieves González, Carla Galante, Ignacio Urquijo, Xavier Loureiro, Ruth Mascato 

工程师:Instra Ingenieros 

承包方:GOA Invest 



摄影师:Elsa Urquijo Architects 



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