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Villa N is a single-family residential building of ca.210mq situated in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Imperia.The villa plays with the cultural landscape of the Ligurian terraces becoming part of it.The natural stone facades have large openings facing the valley and the sea.

        N别墅(Villa Nemes) 是一栋坐落于山丘之上,并俯瞰因佩里亚海湾独栋住宅建筑。住宅融合利古里亚梯田文化风光,使其成为了整栋住宅建筑的一部分。天然石材外立面包袱的开敞区域面对临山谷和大海。


 The villa is composed of  two half subterranean volumes arranged on a single floor, following the morphology of the ground and creating a noble central entrance which leads one side to the  large open space living with dining area and kitchen and to the other are 5 bedrooms which all benefit from a private outside space and views over the sea. The sun deck situated in front of the living room opens up to the 4x14m infinity swimming pool overlooking the magnificent valley. The corridor and service areas are all naturally illuminated by large openable skylights.The Villa incorporates a pantry, laundry, storage rooms, technical service rooms and external storage in the garage with 2 parking spaces.

        别墅由两个均位于地面层的四方空间构成,沿着地表形态打造一个外表庄严肃穆的主入口,延伸到一侧直至与用餐区和厨房相连的整个住宅的最大开敞空间区域,并且紧挨 5 间卧室,便于打造一个私人的户外海景区。坐落于客厅前面的日光甲板面向 4x14m 无边界泳池,俯瞰壮丽的峡谷。走廊和生活服务区光照来自于大型敞开式天窗的自然光。别墅包含一间厨房、 一间洗衣房、 储藏室、 技术服务室和外置的 2 个泊车位车库。




 Significant containment walls create a continuity between the building, the interior and the external surrounding. The garden patio and the sun shading canapies create an mediating filter between inside and outside. The green roof contributes to the harmonic insertion into the landscape and minimizes  the visual impact of the building. To increase the natural environment, the house is surrounded with mediterranean essences. The permeability of the terrain is maximized by using a combination of gravel and timber surfaces.




The highly isolated subterranean shelf and the efficient control and use of solar and renewable energy, reduces significantly the energy consumption of the building while obtaining a superior house comfort, bringing the building up to Passivhaus standards.




The interior is defined by a simple minimal design with the use of high quality pure materials and details, as timber and stone, with industrial concrete floors and gypsum plaster. The build in furniture in natural oak is a bespoke design in line with all other furniture elements, as tables and stools, designed by GHA.

        室内运用最简化的设计手法,运用高品质纯天然材料和高要求细节处理,比如木材和石头,配合使用工业混凝土地板和石膏灰泥。特别定制的天然橡木家具和所有其他家具元素一脉相承,如桌子和凳子,都是由Giordano Hadamik建筑师事务所设计。


Modulized systems  are used to maximise spaces and efficiency. All doors in massive timber are ceiling high, creating a slot and adding to the flowing room arrangement which allows for functional and visual connection of the private and semi private rooms.



In the large living room the furniture, composed by the kitchen, the bar and library and the fireplace and TV, becomes a pure volume as a floating stand alone item thanks to the adjacent windows, which frames are completely imbedded in the timber. In contrast to the warmth of the oak, stands the exposed concrete wall to the back of the living room showing the imprint of the timber cast boards functioning as the feature art wall of the room.

       客厅由厨房、 酒吧台、书房、壁炉和电视机组成,紧密连接而且完全嵌入到木板里的窗子,使得整个空间看起来像是一个独立漂浮的纯粹空间。与温暖色调的橡树相反,延伸到起居室后面裸露的混凝土垂直墙体,充分地展现了木材本身的面貌,可以达到作为室内墙体艺术的效果。


The design of the bedrooms show a very efficient layout with build in wardrobes and multifunctional use. Two single timber futon beds are positioned along a continuos oak back board floating over a low bedside rack allowing for different fit out arrangements. The room can function as a double bed room, a twin room or a study or play room. The continuos high book shelf integrates lighting which position can be adjusted to the need. Bespoke bedside table are part of each room.



The bathrooms are clad with natural stone and fit out with oak furniture and corian sanitary ware. The rooms are illuminated by the above skylights creating a sensational atmosphere. In the evening the stone walls of the walk-in rain shower and the whirlpool bath are illuminated by integrated wall washer lighting from the ceiling.






设计公司:Giordano Hadamik Architects/GHA

规划和健康安全实施:Arch. Roberto Ferraro

建筑结构:Ing. Daniele D'IGNOTI

机械电气工程师:Moroni Penna Ingegneri

地质勘测:Dott. Giorgio Ligorini

审计:Geom. Pastorelli Antonio



居住空间: 200平方米

车库: 45平方米

游泳池: 50平方米


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